At present, students from around the globe, including Asia, the Americas, and Europe are studying Japanese language conversation with us. ALA also holds classes at various locations other than schools, such as companies, training facilities, universities, and personal residences. 

Because of its homey atmosphere and hospitality, the Academy of Language Arts (ALA) attracts students who wish to study the Japanese language from over 30 countries around the world. The students study not only the language of Japan, but also society, culture, and custom through ALA's classes and extracurricular activities, enabling them to strengthen ties with both Japanese and multinational peers.

In addition to assistance to prepare for higher education, ALA provides assistance to students who wish to seek future careers in Japan.



  • Japanese Course
  • Private Lessons
  • Training Course for Foreign Employees
  • Training Course for Japanese Language Instructors
  • Internship Program

Please feel free to visit us if you are looking for a Japanese language school in Tokyo.