The crème de la crème, our advanced immersion program has been the core of our company for nearly 30 years. Designed to achieve maximum fluency, the advanced program provides a rewarding and memorable experience by allowing students to take classes in any field of study in French alongside French students in the Parisian university system. The advanced program is offered for a semester or academic year.



APA Paris has partnered with 10 Parisian universities and institutions of higher learning to provide a broad network of instruction for students with any major. Universities and their courses offered have been carefully screened by APA so that students are taking the highest quality classes available. Students generally take classes at the second year level but may choose to take some at the third year (license) level or fourth year (masters) level. Available to APA students is a one-week add/drop period to choose courses that correspond best to their needs and interests.

The French academic calendar runs from September to mid-May and includes a one-week fall break in October, a two-week Christmas break, a one-week winter break in February, and a one-week spring break in April.