Abaana Community Outreach Africa (ACO-Africa)

Abaana Community Outreach Africa (ACO-Africa) is an international, non-discriminatory, non-profit organization committed to providing support for the most vulnerable groups in society. We place an emphasis on education, health, psychosocial issues, economic empowerment, nutrition, human and environmental rights.

Abaana Community Outreach Africa (ACO-Africa) care and support progames; works with children with HIV, orphans and other vulnerable children, HIV positive women in the community by supporting and caring for them to access essential needs such as education, clothes, food, medicare, conducting home and school based care visits to children under the program, organising  special session with positive living children and orphans, games and sports, empowering children with life skills and counseling, organising school outreach programs to address health and development issues like sexual and reproductive  education, early pregancy, HIV/AIDS, drug and substance abuse, and many more, we also conduct adherence monitoring and counseling for positive living people especially children and women, hygiene and sanitation promotion and care, economic empowerment for positive living women, children and orphan households in the communities we serve. additionally we conduct prison outreach programs that focus on caring for inmates in prisons with counseling on behaviour change, life skills, games and sports, relationship skills with their former families as well as reunification, anger management and legal counseling.

Duration / Dates

Minimum stay
Minimum is 2 weeks and can stay as long as they want to impact lives of the most vulnerable groups.

Costs / Pay

Volunteering through ACO Africa is self-funded. All costs will be covered by a monthly fee of 650 USD. This provides security to our volunteers, who will have no financial concerns during their entire stay in Uganda.

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