But, if you still have doubts, here’s what you can expect when visiting Disneyland (whether you’re an adult or a kid).


1. It’s a Great Year Round Destination

When's the Best Time to Go to Disneyland?

Once the heat of the summer months subsides, the US becomes a fantastic travel destination. Plus, California is absolutely dreamy in the fall, especially if you like nature. 

Coincidentally, this is also the best time to visit Disneyland – talk about perfect timing!

Between mid-September and mid-November, Disneyland is a lot of fun because the rides are not too crowded, the restaurants are less busy, and you don’t feel the sun is out to get you. Plus, if you travel with kids, it makes a lot of sense to bring them here during a less crazy period. 

Quick tip: if you have to go during the summer months, try at least to visit during the week. Summer weekends are absolute mayhem, and park employees must limit admission to make sure everyone has a good time. 


2. It’s Magical!

You don’t have to be a kid to appreciate Disneyland’s attractions! The rides, the characters, and the events cater to people of all ages, and adults can enjoy a relaxing few days in the three available resorts. 

Not to mention, the area is packed with high-quality restaurants, eateries, cafes, and drinking establishments where Disney fans can make friends and share their passion. So, as long as you pack all your travel gear necessities and key accessories every world traveler needs, you don’t have to worry about much else.


3. It’s the Perfect Opportunity to Recharge

The ride to Disneyland may be stressful, but once you get past the main entrance, you can leave your worries aside. 

The California resort has two theme parks: Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. Both are big and exciting enough that children of all ages will feel immersed in the magical kingdom. So why not follow their example and enjoy the moment?

If you’re not a big fan of the rides, you will have the chance to attend amazing shows. For instance, the Broadway-style performances at the Hyperion Theater (Frozen-Live is a true masterpiece!) are a must-watch. But you don’t want to miss outdoor shows either - Mickey is one of the most beloved ones.

Plus, at Disney California Adventure, you can catch the World of Color water show, which is loved by both kids and adults. These shows and other events can help you forget about your daily problems, relax, and even put your imagination to work for a little bit. 


4. Downtown Disney District

After a day of fun and rides, you’ll want to replenish your energy reserves with a good meal at a good restaurant. And, later, if the time and situation allow it, you may want to go out for a drink with friends and family and enjoy the view. 

The Downtown Disney district (the area surrounding the theme parks) has everything you want in terms of high-end dining establishments, cafes, and bars. However, you may have to reserve a table at a good restaurant a few weeks ahead if you’re there during peak season.

The bars and cafes that keep open until late in the evening are not as crowded, so you will be able to throw an impromptu party if the mood requires it. 


5. A Chance to Make Amazing Memories

Even if you’re not interested in sharing your pictures on Instagram, you’ll still have a lot of fun photos saved on your phone. Disneyland offers lots of fun locations for photoshoots, but you’re also going to be surrounded by costumes and props! And let’s not forget about pictures with your favorite characters.

Plus, this is one trip you’ll remember for a long time (without even looking at the pictures). The kids will love it as well, and they’ll be happy to boast about their favorite rides with their friends when they meet again. 


Overall, Disneyland truly is a magical kingdom where everyone can have fun regardless of age.

In a nutshell, if you choose your timing right (to avoid crowds and heat), Disneyland California can be the perfect destination for a short vacation alone, with friends, or the entire family. It’s a place with lots of fun events, good food, exciting rides, and relaxation spots.

So there’s no reason to postpone your visit any longer!


Have you ever been to Disneyland? Got any tips or recommendations to share? Let us know in the comments section below.