You've booked your dream adventure, and you're ready to go! But before you hop a plane, stop to consider if you packed your bag for a successful journey. These are some items that are easy to overlook and might not be readily available where you're heading.

Here are four must-have accessories for your world travels.


1. Portable Charger

Today, technology is prevalent in every facet of life. Travel is no exception. People needed to navigate with paper maps and check local weather in the newspaper in the past. Now, phones replace all of these necessities of yesteryear. 

With urgent news updates, GPS navigation, and international communication possibilities all in your pocket, smartphones have changed how we travel for good. And while these advantages are enormous, our society has also become hyper-dependant on these devices. As such, it's imperative that your battery stays full and you're never left stranded on your journey.

Invest in a good quality portable charger to use in a pinch. You can even get phone cases that have charging capabilities, so you never need to slow down to top up.


2. Sleep Aids

Studies have shown that quality of sleep can directly affect stress levels. Since travelers are already prone to the physical and mental stress that comes with hopping time zones and changing routines, it's vital that you get as much high-quality rest as possible.

Investing in a sleeping mask to block light and earplugs to hinder sound can go a long way. Throw a few bags of chamomile tea in your luggage and consider buying some Melatonin supplements if needed. 


3. Travel Adaptor

There are 15 different types of electrical outlets used around the world. Before your trip, research the specific regions you're visiting and make sure you have matching equipment. You can even find multi-country adaptors that allow you to use your devices around the world, all with one small adaptor. 


4. Luggage Lock

Studies suggest that there is a correlation between tourism and crime rates. As crime increases in a specific country or destination, tourist activity levels decrease. The inverse relationship is due primarily to traveler assessment of an area's safety before planning a visit. But many globe-trotters are undeterred by these statistics and trends.

If you're one of those brave souls who doesn't heed warnings and follows where your heart leads, you should arm yourself with as many security measures as possible to minimize any risk of danger or theft. In this regard, investing in a good-quality luggage lock is a no-brainer. 

Securing your bags during travel can deter thieves from breaking into your luggage. You can also repurpose the lock and use it in other capacities, such as securing a locker in a hostile or providing an extra security level to a hotel room. 


Enjoy your travels to the fullest by preparing for anything the world may throw your way. With these essential items in your luggage, you'll be ready to take on the world.