Internships in Los Angeles

Apply to intern in LA - this is one of the most appealing and one of the most popular places to intern in the world. You can apply for internships with large international and local companies - imagine working in one of the famous skyscrapers - this could be you! The cost of living here can be higher than in other locations so be sure to have enough money to cover rent, food and transport. LA is the perfect destination if you are interested in a film-based internship, Hollywood is located here and this is where some of the biggest blockbuster in the world are located.  




Guide to Interning in LA



Cost of Living

Los Angeles is known to be quite an expensive city and finding affordable places to stay is not one of the easiest tasks. The best thing is to consider various types of accommodations like some sites such as have, since depending on the period of the year or even day of the week there are special offers here and there that will save you quite some money in LA.



What to Do in Your Spare Time

No city does glamour quite like LA. Be sure to take a tour of Hollywood, go shopping on Rodeo Drive and soak in the gorgeous Venice beach. Other highlights include the Griffith Observatory and for the big in kid in you, Disneyland. 

If you haven’t already fallen in love with California and would like to see a little more of the region, you might want to take a road trip which will capture your heart. The journey from LA to San Francisco sees the Pacific Ocean Highway intertwine with the Pacific Ocean resulting in magnificent panoramic views - just be sure to keep your eyes on the road! Along the way there are some classic Cali towns and cities to stop in and enjoy like Santa Barbara, Morro Bay, Carmel, Cayucos and Monterey.