You shouldn’t let it get in the way of exploring new horizons or engaging in less digitally-reliant cultures but taking a phone could be an imperative key to your long-term travel success.

Here is how your cell phone Is enhancing your experience when traveling...


1. You Can Stay Connected

Traveling alone or to places you don’t know much about might have been unheard of twenty years ago but now we are constantly connected, leaving our loved ones with less cause to worry.

At the touch of a button, we can connect with our parents and extended families and friends, meaning that they can see for themselves (at all times, if need be), that we are indeed safe and well.

Likewise, we can keep an eye on what they’re doing at home. This can be really good for travelers who feel a little homesick on occasion, keeping them in the loop on any developments and what’s going on. And yes, you can use your connectivity to do a few humblebrags on social media.

There’s a science to it, but the fact remains – our brains are programmed to love ‘likes’.


2. It Can Help You Earn Money

Traveling regularly or even full time is often a dream life, seemingly only accessible to the lucky few. However, increasingly, more and more people can tie in their aspirations with their careers, without too much sacrifice.

There are a few ways do to this, one of which is freelancing. If you have a skill, such as writing or design, you could operate a business dealing with clients from the beach.

Travel blogs have become increasingly popular in recent years and, although the market is somewhat saturated, for the lucky few with glam lives, it’s still possible to tap into this way of earning income.

Blogging can easily be done on mobile these days thanks to apps so there’s plenty of scope and research that you can do, learn more about paid travel writing with One World 365.

Remember though, any income you earn, regardless of where you earn it, should be reported to your country of residency.

There are lots of articles explaining how to become a digital nomad (as they’re commonly referred to) indicates that many such travelers actually live in Latin America, where the cost of living is lower; in some places, a month's living can cost as little as 500 Euros.

In any case, and unless you’re paying taxes elsewhere and are somehow exempt, it’s important that you do things by the book regarding taxes and declaring them. Talk to an accountant if you’re unsure – it’s the law!


3. Amazing Apps

There are now literally thousands of apps available to download which can help with all situations. You can now even find apps to book tours and activities around the world helping you to do amazing things whilst overseas. These are recommended:


4. You Can Meet New Friends

The concept of being connected also extends to making new friends when traveling. If you’re moving from city to city, the chances are you’ll meet lots of new people.

Social media helps you do your own thing but ultimately stay in touch to meet up for a drink or bite to eat later in the evening. Say goodbye to loneliness, solo travellers! Having a phone really can help you meet new friends on the road. 


5. Photography

There is nothing better than capturing moments when you are abroad and nowadays phones are so hightech they have almost eliminated the need to purchase a camera unless you are a pro that is.

There are so many modern smart phones fitted with the latest technology that it can be hard to tell the difference between a professional camera and a phone. It also saves you carrying two things in your bag.

View our tips how to take better travel photos or learn how you can make money from your travel photos.


6. You Can Stay Safe & Comfortable

Benefits of Phones when Travelling

From Uber to Google Maps, your phone can help you when you’re lost, or even get you out of some sticky situations. In fact, these days, you can actually even download Maps to use offline, which can be especially handy when you’re not using a local SIM or you don’t want to pay for data.

It can store copies of all of your relevant documents (which you may need to present to authorities at any time), and it can keep you entertained when you’re on the go and incredibly bored. It can even give you advice on the best places to go, thanks to review sites like TripAdvisor. Essentially, your phone is like your best friend that fits right in your pocket!


Just remember, a phone doesn’t give you superpowers, and you should still be on guard. Don’t flash it around, have backup plans, and always buy travel insurance.