From scoring cheap lift tickets, finding your friends on the mountain, or tracking your trails, we have selected 6 must-have apps to get you going!


Action Shot App

The Action Shot app is definitely an app you will want to snap up for your next ski trip. It allows you to capture all your great ski moments, without forking out for a top notch camera. The app takes multiple photographs per burst and then puts the course of action together in a single image, giving you a shot worthy of a ski or snowboard magazine! You can choose how many photos per burst (2-9) you want and at what interval to shoot (1s-250ms). The app is available for iPhone and what’s more, it’s free!


Ski Trip Planner

British people spend about £118 million each year replacing forgotten holiday items, research has revealed. Almost half of us forget to pack at least one item per holiday. The most forgotten items are shoes, while mobile phone chargers and sun cream follow closely behind.  With the Ski Trip Planner app, a checklist for everything you need to take with on your ski holiday, you will never forget anything again! The ski list comes pre-populated with more than 300 ski and snowboarding travel items that you may need to pack. You can check or uncheck every item and re-use your customised list every time you go on a winter holiday trip.


Ski-Proof your Phone

Keep warm and connected when you are on the slopes with this wonderfully simple, but oh so effective SkiPhone app. No need to fumble with gloves anymore every time you want to answer your phone or take a photo. This app replaces the touch screen interface of your phone with one that works through movement. Simply shake your phone to answer calls or launch voice actions. Shake your device front to back to take a picture. If you are tech-savvy yourself, you can even develop new features for the app, as it is open source!


Tripster Ski

Let’s face it, skiing or snowboarding is not exactly a cheap sport. In fact, according to Snozone, Brits expect to spend between £750 and £1,000 per person on their winter holiday trip. Therefore, to stretch your holiday budget just that little further, you might want to look for local spots with local prices.

When travelling in the Alps, Tripster Ski is the best local tour guide you can wish for! This handy app will not only give you recommendations from the locals on the best venues for your après-ski, it will also give you perks and exclusive discounts, or even help you book activities.

This free app can be downloaded on both the iPhone and Android device. The app also works perfectly offline. Just download the resort destination beforehand and benefit from all the amazing deals without even having to access the internet.


Ski and Snow Report

According to a Consumer Research carried out by the new Ski Club of Great Britain, ‘guaranteed snow’ is the top factor in deciding where to ski. With the Ski & Snow Report app you can easily set up a ‘powder alert’ that will notify you when your favourite resort receives a substantial amount of the white stuff. This makes it an ideal guide when you are looking to take advantage of those last minute ski holidays.

The Ski & Snow report app is by far the most intuitive and accurate app for powder lovers, providing you with all the snow and weather data you wish to know to get the jump on the dumps at your favourite resorts. Snowfall data is analysed by app staffers, making the figures often more reliable than what the resorts themselves claim. And what’s more, it’s freshly redesigned for the 2013-14 ski and snowboard season!


Ski Tracks

Ever wondered how fast you were bombing down your last run, or how many miles you covered in a day? Or do you just want to brag to your friends who didn’t come with you?

The Ski Track app is the premier tracking app for skiers and snowboarders obsessed with stats. Using your phone’s GPS, the app provides you with a data-filled snapshot of your day on the slopes. It shows you the steepest slope you rode, the distance you skied, your maximum speed and much more. With a tracking and plotting ability, you can even geo-tag the photos that you’ve taken during the day and share them with friends via Facebook and Twitter. The app is available from the App Store for just £0.69. A bargain!


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