However, carpooling is still an unknown practice for many when the future of mobility is completely changing. New ways of sharing a vehicle with other people who are going to make the same journey are emerging every time.

Carpooling is the concept by which the practice of shared private vehicles is called as such. This global trend has more and more applications and digital platforms in which passengers can share expenses in the same vehicle.

More and more people share a car, but: what services are there? What are the differences between them? And how do you book?

If you are thinking of using one of these services, but you still do not know how it works, it is fairly simple and there are lots of options to suit all needs.

Below, we provide a run down of some of the most popular ways to get around the USA, including top rated apps and websites you can use.


Top Ways to Get Around the States

Whether you are looking for cheap ridesharing in popular destinations like Miami, New York or LA, car sharing Austin or private car rental/shares, there is a lot of choice. Our list includes options other than taxis and public transportation.

Carsharing, however, represents a saving when traveling compared to using your own vehicle, but it has limitations since the vehicle belongs to a company. These services are based on offering a fleet of cars to the public so that they can use them at a rate that depends on the time of use. Some companies offer vehicles by the hour, or fleets of companies exist, in which the price is per minute. The problem with this type of service is that they only operate in large cities and their availability depends on demand. This would be an evolution or similarity of the traditional “Rent a Car” focused on urban mobility.

The concept of ridesharing refers to a collaborative model that connects passengers with drivers who offer a transport service focused on short-distance urban journeys. This service is given on demand, that is, it is the passenger who requests the service. The rates of these platforms and other similar ones are dynamic and vary greatly depending on the day, time, and place where the service is provided.

Private Car Rental
The person-to-person rental (peer-to-peer car rental) allows you to rent a vehicle directly to an individual. Here owners advertise their vehicle online for rent when not in use, and drivers can access nearby, affordable cars by paying only for the time they use it.


Top Rating Rideshare Apps

Car sharing is one of the most popular collaborative economy options since travel is more economical and sustainable, and you can even meet interesting people who will make the trip much more enjoyable. 

This will help you to save money on taxi fares or having to cartch crowded poor quality public transport.

Rideshare apps offer an easy way to use service where you can save money and reduce traffic and emissions - added benefits.

You can find so many different apps right now, some are local to different states in the USA whilst others are international. Also different apps target different people e.g. workers/commuters, families and flexible travellers.

These are some of the most popualr ridesharing apps to use:

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Via
  • Scoop
  • Hitch
  • Bolt

The most famous private transportation application is Uber. Everyone has heard of Uber right? They offer a private service based on the geolocation of the user. As a passenger you can choose the vehicle and know the price before requesting the transfer, and it is normally used for urban routes with short distances. The price is lower than that of a taxi and of course, you can also share the journey with others to save a few dollars. Uber is available worldwide.