But Barcelona is an incredibly diverse and there are now so many options for vegans and vegetarians from cheap cheap street food to world class restaurants.

Varsha Patel from the UK recently visited Barcelona with a friend and she was suprised by the amount of delicious veggie and vegan places to eat.

Here she shares her tips for anyone seeking to sample the culinary highlights of Barcelona without any meat or dairy.


Vegan & Vegetarian Barcelona: All You Need To Know

Holidays are great, and for me, food is a big part of my getaways! But being a vegetarian/vegan on holiday especially in Spain can be tough. Sometimes there are next to no options, and other times, there’s only one vegetarian dish on offer at every restaurant.

How many penne arrabiatas can a girl eat, right? Luckily, Barcelona is becoming increasingly more veggie-friendly, and there are now hundreds of options that aren’t just pizza and pasta! 

There are so many veggie-inspired dishes to sample including two of the local favourites, truita, a delicious Spanish omelet and patatas bravas, flash-fried potatoes topped with a spicy tomato and paprika sauce.

Before I get started, here are some important words and phrases you will need to use when ordering food: 

  • I am vegan / I am vegetarian - Yo soy vegano/a / vegetariano/a
  • I don’t eat meat, fish, eggs or dairy products. - No como ni carne, ni pescado, ni huevos, ni productos lacteos
  • Can you recommend something, please? - ¿Me recomiendas algo rico por favor?
  • I can’t eat meat - Yo no puedo comer carne
  • Rice - Arroz
  • Oil - Aceite
  • Bread - Pan
  • Vegetables - Verduras
  • Mushrooms - Champiñones/Setas
  • Salad - Ensalada
  • Nuts - Frutos Secos

If you have enough time and would like to improve your language skills you might like to book a Spanish language course in Barcelona

Now, check out my top picks for the best places to eat vegan and vegetarian food in Barcelona.


1. Enkel

Address: Baixada de Sant Miquel, 6, 08002 

So we went into this place thinking it would just be brunch, but it ended up having really veggie friendly lunch options too! If you want to be spoilt for choice, in a very modern setting, I’d recommend Enkel. The blueberry brioche french toast is a must. 


2. Can Dende 

Can Dende

Address: Carrer de la Ciutat de Granada, 44, 08005 

Can Dende does brunch, and it does brunch well. Bagels, eggs, and pancakes are just some of the options, and it is a 100% instagrammable restaurant. Keep in mind that it’s quite small, and you may end up queuing outside for a short while. I’d say those crinkle-cut chips are worth any queue however!


3. BarCeloneta Sangria Bar

BarCeloneta Sangria Bar

Address: Carrer de Sevilla, 70, 08003

Don’t let the name of this restaurant put you off - it’s definitely more than just jugs of sangria! In fact, it’s 100% vegan tapas, with some tasty options and a romantic vibe. It was a little difficult to find, tucked away in a hidden street, but it’s definitely worth the minutes you may spend confused on GoogleMaps. 


4. Brunch and Cake

Brunch and Cake, Barcelona

Address: Carrer d'Enric Granados, 19, 08007

Brunch and Cake is both vegan and veggie friendly, has gorgeous decor and incredible food! Another extremely popular place, you may find yourself queuing but they have a few branches, and may reserve you a table at another branch and ask you to walk over. Another one to keep in mind for the gram, and for your belly!


5. Restaurant Rossini

Restaurant Rossini

Address: Plaça Reial, 13, 08002

I know, I know - who wants a basic Italian meal when you’re in BARCELONA? But sometimes, a pasta dish is exactly what you need (not everyday, however!) Rossini has plenty of options and are very generous with their cheese - what more could you want? 


6. Salamanca

Salamanca restaurant, Barcelona

Address: Carrer de Pepe Rubianes, 34, 08003

Salamanca is the place to go for vegetarian paella. And a LOT of it at that! It’s tasty, and it’s a beautiful setting for a nice, fancy dinner. There’s even free dessert at the end!


7. Sésamo

Address: Carrer de Sant Antoni Abat, 52, 08001

No vegan and vegetarian guide to Barcelona would be complete without Sesamo! This is one of the most popular destinations for vegetarians and vegans due to the amount of delicious foods available. 


8. Flax & Kale

Address: Carrer dels Tallers, 74b, 08001

Flax and Kale located in El Ravel is a great place to stop by for lunch, brunch or dinner. Try tasty foods, choose from options like raw vegetables, vegan options and gluten-free dishes. You can also order freshly pressed vegetable juices which are really good. 


9. Aguaribay

Address: Carrer del Taulat, 95, 08005

Aguaribay is located in Sant Martí and offers lots of tasty meals and nutritious snacks. Choose from a range of tapas, polenta and home-made stuffed pasta. An aperitif tapa is included there is also an impressive selection of wine and beer is available.


10. La Boqueria Food Market

La Boqueria Food Market

Address: La Rambla, 91, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

No foodie trip to Barceloina would be complete without visiting the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, often simply referred to as La Boqueria. This is a famous public market is located on La Rambla in the Ciudad Vieja district of Barcelona and a popular destination for foreign tourists due to the amount of cheap food available here.


Other Places to Consider

These are some of the other top cafes and restaurants to check out that didn't quite make our top 10:

  • Vegetalia
  • Quinoa Bar Vegetarià
  • Teresa Carles
  • Rasoterra
  • The Green Spot
  • Macrobiotic Zen
  • L'Hortet
  • Biocenter
  • Arco Iris
  • Cat Bar
  • La Vitamínica d'Horta
  • Govinda
  • La Bascula de la Cereria
  • Rasoterra   
  • The Juice House


Plan a Foodie Trip to Barcelona

There’s plenty of other spots in Barcelona with tasty not meat and dairy options, but these were some of my faves. Thankfully, vegan/veggie choices aren’t hard to comeby in Barcelona, so take a walk and you’ll inevitably stumble onto something great.

If you are planning to visit the city for the first time be sure to check out some important Barcelona safety tips. Also if you have any recommendations for places to eat in Barcelona let us know in the comments section below.

By Varsha Patel