Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Barcelona

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Barcelona

All European cities have their own flare, and reasons can be found to justify a visit to any of them. But if someone was to visit only a handful in their life, Barcelona would have to be on that list.

Barcelona is a unique city in many different ways. Even though it is part of Spain, the vibes on the streets that you will discover, won’t be anything like the ones inside the rest of the country. 

Here are a few reasons that should entice you to choose Barcelona for your next European city break destination.


1. There is so much to see

Barcelona is a large city and there are so many things to do here and places to see. One of the best ways to get around is on a city sightseeing bus tour which stops at all the main tourist hotspots. Places we recommend seeing include Las Ramblas, Parc Guel and riding the big wheel. In the center of the town where most accommodation is located, you can walk and discover various tourist attractions or head for a walk to the harbour.


2. Beaches

Barcelona is located on the coast and the beach located downtown might not be the most beautiful in the world, but it is always busy and has a great atmosphere. There are also lots of beaches located within a short drive from Barcelona which are really unique and scenic.


3. Food

You will eat in some of the best restaurants in the world in Barcelona. In most international restaurants ranking lists, you are bound to find at least two Barcelona restaurants in its top 10. That is because they offer the same natural quality of food the rest of Spain does, but with a touch of sophistication that you won’t easily find elsewhere. Don't worry if you are on a budget, there are also lots of tasty street food at bargain prices.


4. Weather

Barcelona enjoys a warm climate all year round, even in winter temperatures don't get nowhere near as cold as some cities in mainland Europe. During summer you are almost guaranteed sun.


5. The Costa Dorada is Spectacular

Barcelona’s location is spectacular located on the famous Costa Dorada coast. You could book a tour, travel by public transport or rent a car (which are really cheap) and travel along the beautiful coast, towards the west side of the country to enjoy some of the most. beautiful beaches in the country. 

The Costa Dorada has choice of accommodation, it is generally a lot cheaper than staying in central Barcelona and it is also a great location to find a camping in Spain, which is definitely the best way to accommodate yourself in the region if you like the great outdoors.

On the other side of Barcelona, if you travel north east, you can explore the region close to France, for a different experience.


6. An International City

When you arrive at the airport and you head out, you will wander for a second if you haven’t landed in the city of cinema, located on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. There is a definite sensation that is similar to the great city of L.A., in Barcelona. If you have visited it before, you will immediately feel the similarity. Of course, Barcelona is European and so there is that little plus, brought by History. But Spaniards are big fans of American culture, and you can feel some of it in the air.


7. Football

Barcelona is home to FC Barcelona, one of the most successful and famous teams in the world. Watching a game at impressive 90,000 capacity Nou Camp is highly recommended.


8. Nightlife

Barcelona has hundreds of bars and nightclubs and is famous for its lively night scene.


Barcelona is one of the must-see cities in Europe and most travellers fall in love with the city. Do you have any recommendations to share? Let us know in the comments section below.