Useful Fijian Words & Phrases for Visiting Fiji

Useful Fijian Words & Phrases for Visiting Fiji

Got a trip to Fiji planned? Or just interested in the culture and country? Want to interact with locals and be more than just a tourist? We have also put together a list of useful words and phrases for travel in Fiji.

Most people in Fiji speak English, especially in hotels, hostels and tourist areas but it is still polite to at least learn the basics on the local language before arriving.



  • Hello - Bula
  • How are you? - Vacava tiko?
  • What is your name? - O cei na yacamu(ni)?
  • My name is ()… - Na yacaqu o …
  • Where are you from? - O ni lako mai vei?
  • I’m from … - O kemuni mai vei?
  • Sorry - Vosota sara 
  • Please - Yalo vinaka
  • Thank you - Vinaka, Vinaka vaka levu



  • Good morning - Yadra, Ni sa yadra
  • Good afternoon/evening - Bula, Ni sa Bula
  • Good night/Goodbye - Moce, Ni sa moce



  • Pleasure to meet you - Ia bula
  • Have a nice day  - Vanuinui vinaka ki na siga ni kua
  • Bon appetit - Da kana!
  • Bon voyage - Vanuinui vinaka e nomu volau
  • I don’t understand - Au sega ni taura rawa
  • Could you speak more slowly please? - Vosa mada vakamalua?
  • Could you repeat that? - Tukuna tale mada
  • Do you speak English? - O vosa vakavalagi?
  • How do you say … in Fijian? Na cava na kena vosa vakaviti ni …?
  • Excuse me - Au lako mada yani (to get past)



  • How much is this? - E vica na kena i-sau?



  • Stop - Kele
  • Help - Kere veivuke
  • Call the police - Qirita na ovisa
  • Fire - Kama
  • Where’s the toilet? - E vei na vale-lailai?


These phrases will hopefully be a small step to making your holiday, gap year in Fiji or experience more fun. Locals will be really impressed when you speak to them in their own language - this is highly recommended if you are going to volunteer in Fiji.