Whether you live in the U.S., or are keen to visit from overseas, there are so many amazing destinations you need to add to your American travel bucket list!

We really could have added 100+ places, but here’s just a couple to get your bucket list started and ignite your wanderlust. 


1. The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

There are so many spectacular national parks in the United States, and there is no doubt about the fact that the Grand Canyon is one of the biggest must-sees if you’re visiting the States.

It’s a unique and magnificent nature experience that you will never forget. You can feel the presence of history and you’re reminded of how small we are. The Grand Canyon National Park is one of many beautiful national parks to visit in the US.

Horseshoe Bend is another top destination to check out on the east rim of the Grand Canyon, this horseshoe-shaped incised meander of the Colorado River located near the town of Page, Arizona offers amazing views of this dramatic bend in the Colorado river from over a thousand meters above.


2. New York City 

New York City tourist Empire State Building

New York City is one of the most iconic cities in the world and somewhere you need to visit once in your life!

The city located on the east coast of the USA and flights here are affordable all year round from international destinations.

NYC is stuffed with experiences and sights to put on your sightseeing itinerary including the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Brookyln Brudge, Times Square and Broadway, the Empire State Building, Grenwich Village and so much more.

Another for architecture lovers is Grand Central Terminal, which is the third busiest train station in North America. The station has very distinctive and beautiful architecture and decorations. Also, there’s a special atmosphere created by the mixture of commuters, restaurants, and shops. 

New York is one of the more expensive cities to visit in north America, hotels here cost a fortune but view these tips how to visit the USA on a budget to save money. 


3. Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas sign

If you’re visiting the US, you simply have to go to Las Vegas which is one of the top destinations in Nevada.

The Strip is one of the main attractions, one road stretching more than 4.2 miles packed with casinos, resort hotels, and restaurants.

You can feel the excitement of Vegas, the thrill of all night entertainment, and the parties as you walk down the Strip.

There is lots to do other than gambling too, from limo rides, shopping, rollercoaster rides, light shows, live music, theatre and much more. 


4. Washington DC

Washington DC

Do you have an interest in politics? Or just want to see one of the most iconic and famous destinations in the United States? Plan a trip to Washington DC.

Home to the White House and numerous memorials and museums, Washington is a great city to go sightseeing. If you get lucky you might see a famous politician.


5. San Francisco

San Francisco sunset golden gate bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most amazing and magnificent sights in all of the US. This is a must on any bucket list. The bridge is known all over the world as the symbol of San Francisco and California.

With a stretch of one mile, the bridge has got some volume to it. In 1937 when the bridge was built it was both the world’s tallest and longest suspension bridge in the world. You should put the amazing city of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge on your bucket list.

Rudyard Kipling had only one complaint about San Francisco, and that was that it was impossible to leave it. San Francisco has hills with views, the coast, and excellent cuisine, and it has repeatedly been recognized as the happiest and healthiest city in the United States.

If you are considering travelling or even moving to San Francisco, then take care of moving without stress in advance. You can hire a local moving company, they will carefully transport all your belongings from point A to point B, so adaptation to the move will take place faster.


6. Miami

Miami beach

Miami is one of the most popular places to visit in Florida with more than 26.5 million people visiting last year

If you love beaches, warm weather and the outdoors you will love Miami. South Beach is a popular tourism destination home to a beautiful beach, restaurants, bars and clubs.

There are also lots of great day trips from Miami where you can see some spectacular locations like Key West.


7. Los Angeles

Los Angeles skyline

Los Angeles, or LA as it is commonly known as, is one of the best cities to visit in the United States, and the main gateway to California.

Here you can check out the numerious neighbourhoods, go celeb spotting in Hollywood or hop on a sightseeing bus tour.

If the west coast does appeal check out these important things to know before visiting LA.


8. Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

If you are looking for somewhere off the beaten track you could travel to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial which is a giant sculpture carved into Mount Rushmore. It’s quite a magnificent sight and not somewhere most foreign tourists travel to.

The sculpture depicts the faces of four famous presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. These four presidents were chosen to represent different things that reflect the nation. These are birth, growth, development, and preservation.


Plan a Dream Trip to the USA

Truly, there are so many incredible experiences waiting for you in the States. The only thing you have to do is choose what to put on your bucket list. Here’s a couple of the major sights to give you some inspiration.