No matter where you are in the world, be it climbing Everest, or exploring South America, you are guaranteed to have met at least one of the types of travellers below, or know one of them already. 


1. The ‘Always Abroad’

You know the type. The ones who are constantly posting their holiday pictures on Instagram. Their feed has a ‘travel theme’ full of ironic and infuriating captions like ‘out of office’ and ‘how’s your Monday?’ all coated in Valencia-filtered obnoxiousness. You double-tap...but always ask your screen ‘when the hell do you go to work??!’ and also ‘where do you work and can I have a job please?’


2. The ‘I’m on Business’

Ah business trips. They always strike me as a little less business, and a bit more ‘getting paid to go abroad to do far less than you usually would at your home-based office’. They’re full of conferences, business meetings (why couldn’t you just dial in, huh?) and fancy breakfasts, with an all expenses paid, swanky hotel to boot. 

The business traveller will insist it’s not all fun and games, but you’ll probably (definitely) never believe them. 


3. The Carefree Backpacker 

They’re up for anything and, surprise surprise, come with backpack! The backpackers travel anywhere and they will travel light, aiming to explore every part of the world while hostel-hopping and bar crawling. They may, or may not, come back home with a tattoo or five...


4. The Gapper 

Slightly different from the backpacker, but with some similarities.

After they’ve finished finding themselves and eating scorpions, they’ll be sure to talk about it throughout their entire first year of uni, and probably after work drinks for their thirtieth birthday...

Edgy bracelets forever. Because #gapyear.


5. The Australian

There’s always one. No matter where you are in the world. 


6. The Volunteer 

It’s a great excuse to travel, and can be really rewarding! The volunteer = the savvy traveller, often found in big groups of likeminded individuals, and happy to graft. The volunteer spreads goodness, and will tell you stories that will inspire you to want to up sticks and do good too.  


7. The Lad(s) 

Solo lad, or group of lads. Sleeveless tank tops (which are often a bit too revealing – just saying) and brightly coloured and/or floral shorts. Just lads being lads. #ladsontour


8. The Girl Band

Always well-dressed, and always having a great time (or at least looking like they are), the girl band always start their holiday planning with the inevitable ‘Girls!!!! I NEED a holiday asap please’ in their Whatsapp group chat. They also use the #ladsontour on their Insta posts. Haha. 


9. The Solo Traveller 

Solo travellers are always cool, unbothered and you just wish you had their confidence.


10. The ‘I Saw it on Instagram’ 

Ah, this is classic. We see something on Instagram and insist that we have to go and see it. However, the ‘I saw it on Instagram so we have to go!’ type rarely consider TripAdvisor, reviews or any actual other holiday-planning prep. That said, it’s actually quite useful to be a traveller like this sometimes - you can end up finding the nicest restaurants...


11. The Photographer 

Similar to the Instagrammers, but far more talented. Their feeds are NatGeo worthy, and give you some serious travel envy. 


12. The Weekenders 

9-5 life can be tough to break out from, so the weekenders truly embrace travel in the only way they can, most seen in Europe rather than far flung destinations like Asia and South America. Cheap flight late Friday night, cheap return flight Sunday night. Back to the office Monday morning. Repeat.


13. The Old Guy

There is always someone, usually an older guy, who has quit his job and is desperately trying to find some meaning to his life.


14. The Rasta Wannabe

This type of person is usually found in South East Asia, a white person who has let themselves go and now sports a long beard which hasn't been shaved in ages and dreadlocks. Wearing fisherman pants, they probably haven't washed in a while and is going for the retro traveller look.


15. The Guitar Player

No matter where you go in the world, there is always that person with a guitar.


16. The I've Been Everywhere

Everyone has met this person right? When you tell someone where you are going and they have been there and also much better places. They will try to itimidate you with their vast knowledge of amazing places to travel that no one else has ever heard of.


All of this begs the question - which type of traveller are you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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By Varsha Patel