1. Scenery

From the tropical rainforest in the south, through the tea plantations and gentle rolling slopes of the Hill Country to the wilderness peaks of the Knuckles Range, few areas of this size can match the variety and beauty of Sri Lanka’s scenery.  


2. Get off the Beaten Track

Not here. These days some popular areas can seem like Oxford Street during the January sales. In Sri Lanka you will have the back roads of the hill country and tea plantations to yourself.

The best way to experience the best off the beaten track destinations is to book a tour in Sri Lanka where an experienced local guide will be able to take you to the best locations.


3. Wildlife

Sri Lanka Wildlife

The whole island is full of wildlife ranging from monkeys and mongooses to monitor lizards, wild elephants and even the occasional leopard. Sri Lanka is also home to over 450 species of birds.

There’s no better way to get up close to the local wildlife than on a bike. If you are looking to help animals you might like to view our volunteering programs in Sri Lanka.


4. Weather

While summers in the UK can seem hit or miss affairs and the rest of the year often blends into continuous drizzle, Sri Lanka has a relatively constant temperature of 25-30 degrees – enough to make you take off a layer or two. 


5. Culture

Sri Lanka Culture

Temples with spectacular religious ceremonies, ancient cities perched on precarious outcrops, giant Buddhas, Royal Palaces, a fascinating mix of Sinhalese Buddhism and Tamil Hindu culture, not to mention the ancient aboriginal Vedda tribe – the island packs a considerable cultural punch. 


6. Food & Drink

If 5 reasons weren’t enough: you will get to sample the local tea and food which is among some of the best in Asia. A plate of Sri Lanka’s famous rice and curry will go down a treat.


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