Sri Lanka Tours

Sri Lanka Tours

Sri Lanka, previously known as Ceylon, is world renowned not only for its scenic tea plantation but also for its warm golden beaches, lush rainforests, white waterfalls, exciting adventures, amazing wildlife and rich cultural heritage.


Best Sri Lanka Adventure Tours

Sri Lanka Small Group Tours

Explore Sri Lanka and see the best places on a cutural trip circling the country. Sri Lanka is a very small country in comparison with others in Asia but there is so much to see here, joining this tour is a great way to learn more about Sri Lanka and get taken to some spectacular sights both on and off the beaten track.

On tours you will get to relax on beaches, go cycling and explore ruins, join a trekking excursion and visit incredible locations. You will get to meet new people, see new places, get close to exotic wildlife and go off the beaten track.

Trips are led by experience guides and you will get a really authentic experience away from the tourist crowds. Expect ancient history, temples, tasty food, lush jungles, beautiful scenery and also exotic white sandy beaches. 


Cycling Tours

Explore Sri lanka off the beaten track on a bicycle tour.

These trips take you on an intoxicating and exhilarating self-propelled experience of Sri Lanka’s most breathtaking sites and scenery. Highlights can include visiting secluded temples overlooking rice paddies, tea plantations, traditional villages, and fields of cinnamon, rubber, cashew nuts and bananas. Sri Lanka is full of wildlife ranging from monkeys and mongooses to monitor lizards and peacocks.

There’s no better way to get up close to the local wildlife than on a bike. Some tours start and finish in the historic port of Galle, with its UNESCO World Heritage Fort, before heading inland to the hills and looping north then east into the unspoiled countryside before returning via beaches and lakes to the start point. Get on your bike and explore some of Sri Lanka’s most amazing and unforgettable locations!


Wildlife Tours & Safaris

Sri Lanka is blessed with amazing nature and wildlife, on a wildlife safari in Sri Lanka you might get to see cheetahs, elephants, bears, big cats and monkeys. We have short and long term safaris available to book from the leading local and international operators.


Birding Tours

Sri Lanka 's abundant bird-life makes the island a true Ornithologist's paradise. Of the 427 recorded species, 250 are resident and 23 are endemic to the country. With such a variety of environments ranging from wet to dry zone, forest to jungle, and hill country to low lands, there's no end to the fascinating locations in which to spot many of these beautiful birds.


Trekking Tours

Join a Sri lanka trekking tour and explore some of the island's most amaxing and unforgettable locations. Fully guided and supported treks are available throughout the country where you can visit places like the beautiful Knuckles Mountains east of Kandy.

Sri Lanka trekking expeditions allow you to explore beautiful destinations like the Knuckles Mountains east of the UNESCO World Heritage city of Kandy. Trek through tea plantations, rice paddies, mountain forests and past beautiful shrines and ancient temples.

Nights are spent in comfortable campsites amidst spectacular scenery. You will get to relax and enjoy trekking with just a light daysack, as your tour operator takes care of the rest. These trips are usually all-inclusive with accommodation in homestays and fixed campsites.

Guests’ baggage is carried between campsites, allowing them to trek 12-16 km per day with just a day pack. Expert local guides will ensure you get the most from this amazing trek.