Here she shares her five best things about applying for a cruise ship job....


1. Working with People from all over the World! 

Benefits of working on cruise ships - Meet new people

This is one of my top benefits to working on cruise ships; you become so much for enriched by working alongside people from all over the world. We often celebrated different festivals and traditions from everyone in the crew, so you learnt so much about other people’s lives and had a party at the same time!


2. Getting to Travel the World and Get Paid!

Benefits of working on cruise ships - Travelling the World

What a huge benefit, I can’t think of a better opportunity than to do a fantastically rewarding job, travel the world AND get paid for it! Whilst working on a cruise ship my best advice would be to do as many organised ship tours as possible- it’s such a great way to see the various ports and really get a feel for the place you are visiting.                                    


3. Experience a Luxury Lifestyle!

Benefits of working on cruise ships - Saving Money

This was a huge benefit, travelling the world on luxury cruise ships and experiencing a beautiful life of far fetched destinations and mouth watering food. Working within the Entertainment department you are often out socialising and dining with the guests, it’s a chance to get to know them better and share fascinating travel stories! What’s not to like? 


4. Saving Money!

Benefits of working on cruise ships - Meet new people - luxury lifestyle

Working on a cruise ship you not only get to do a great job and travel the world you also live rent free! Meaning you can actually save some money; working abroad on a cruise ship often involves working a 7 day week you do have time off to explore the ports but there’s not much opportunity to spend money so save some!


5. Make Friends for Life! 

Benefits of working on cruise ships - Friends for Life

Working, living and socialising with adventurous and fabulous people from all over the globe, is something extremely special and that you will remember for the rest of your life!  It’s also great when you have friends all around the world to call on when you are travelling! 


So what are you waiting for go and seek the adventure of the high seas for yourself! Happy cruising! 


By Nicola Richards 


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