People tend to choose more popular tourism and safari destinations in Africa, but if you are looking for an authentic experience there are so many reasons why you will love visiting Nigeria.

As a citizen of Nigeria, Gabriel Eziorobo has seen the beauty that makes foreigners want to come to Nigeria to live or spend a vacation.

If you are considering your next destination, check out Gabriel's reasons why you might want to consider visiting Nigeria...


1. Nature

If you are thinking about going to travel in Africa a lot of people overlook Nigeria, but they are wrong to do so. Nigeria is a huge diverse country blessed with incredible natural resources, destinations and sunny weather.

There are so many attractions and cultural highlights which will leave you spellbound. Most places are untouristy and so you are guaranteed a local authentic experience. For example, the warm and cold water flows in Ikogosi, Ekiti state in the south-west of the country are highly recommeded.

This region attract thousands of tourists every year but mainly Nigerians. You will really love the experience of visiting Nigeria.


2. Language

Nigeria is blessed with varieties languages including hausa, igbo,edo, efik, igala, ijaw, isoko, urhobo, igbira and also local languages. A lot of international tourists visit Nigeria and try to learn, or pick up some of the basics of some of the languages available. Popular languages to learn include yoruba which is the common language in Nigeria.


3. Culture

Reasons to visit Nigeria

One of the main reasons people visit Nigeria is due to the amount of entertainment available in places like Lagos. Popular activities include listening to afro-music, pop, afro-pop and fuji. During seasonal periods like Christmas there are a lot of shows which are popular with tourists including the akpororo vs akpororo and the ay-show. You could also head to the beach!


4. Food

Nigeria is one of the best countries to visit in Africa in terms of varieties of foods. Popular local dishes include banga and starch, ogbono-soup, pepper-soup, African-salad (jakwu, abacha), ukwa, jollof-rice, porridge-yam, ewedu, egusi and efo-riro.


5. People

Nigeria Why Go

You will find the people of Nigeria very friendly and very open to outsiders. It is very easy to make new friends in Nigeria as this is a country full of different people who welcome tourists. In every different region of the country you will find different people, cultures and tribes.

In some places people still wear traditional clothing including the buba, agbada, sokoto, kaba, fila, abeti-aja, iborun, iro, gele and traditional beads. Get chatting to locals about sports like football and they will be chatting for hours.


Plan a Trip to Nigeria

If you are looking to experience an authentic trip then Nigeria will appeal to you. This country doesn't have the attractions of South Africa, and is off the beaten track but if you are planning a backpacking adventure or gap year in Africa, consider it. Search tours of Nigeria for trips.


By Gabriel Eziorobo


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