This country offers more than you think and now this is one of the most popular countries to retire with expats.

But what is it that makes it such a lovely country to visit or live? 

Check out our list of ten things you will love about Cyprus.


1. World Heritage Town

According to UNESCO world heritage sites, Paphos is one of the few towns which are a complete heritage site.  The history is rich here, with ancient tombs, palaces, and other archeological history.

In fact, visiting Paphos means you are already on a treasure with international interest. There are lots of tours of Cyprus allowing you to see the highlights and learn about the places you visit.


2. The Island of Love

It is only after an explanation that a person will understand this. The goddess of love, Aphrodite, was born here. The Aphroditic beach is the place most sightseers will visit. People love to see the waves hitting the rocks and making a foam which the locals say looks like the goddess.


3. Rock Solid Ancient Tombs

Paphos has many king’s tombs, which is one of its main tourist attractions. What is interesting is that these tombs, which date back to 4th century, were carved from a solid rock. The tombs were inspired by Egyptian people as seen from their peristyle form.


4. The Carnivals

These festivals have the blend of a couple of cultures, which visitors will love. In the 16 century, the Venetians introduced the carnivals, although other later traditions have been incorporated. The main theme is putting on masks and fancy dresses.


5. Oldest Named Wine

The world has many wines with fancy names, dating back many years. However, Cyprus boasts the world’s oldest named wine, Commandaria, which is a dessert wine. It was named in the 13th century by the Knights.


6. The Haloumi Cheese

This is one of the food items you will see being served everywhere in Cyprus. It gets crispy when grilled and has a strong bite to the teeth. It's flavors, mint and brine, makes this goat or sheep milk cheese very unique.


7. The National Symbol: Sheep

A few decades ago, the mouflon (a breed of wild and domestic goat) faced the risk of extinction. Only 15 of them remained, according to government data. Thanks to national conservation, there are now thousands under protection. This sheep is the national symbol in Cyprus.


8. World Class Diving Sites

Keen on the idea of going to learn to scuba dive in Cyprus? The diving site of Zenobia has found its way to the top ten list of wreck diving sites. It has a ship that sank in the 80s and still remains intact. According to research and exploration reports, tuna and barracuda live around the shipwreck.


9. Handkerchiefs with Powers

There is a tree around the Paphos at the entrance of the Christian catacombs which is believed to have powers. Although it is a pagan practice, people in Cyprus believe that tying a handkerchief around the tree can help many things get better, including solving infertility issues and family fights.


10. The Best Roman Mosaic

According to the UNESCO heritage reports, the mosaics used to decorate the ancient homes in Cyprus are rare and artistic. They have been voted as one of the world’s best.


Any person visiting Cyprus will fall in love with these interesting features. They make this island very rich in history and ancient facts you don’t want to miss.


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