Cyprus Tour Reviews

"During my third day in sunny Cyprus I then joined an day trip group to the ancient exotic town called Paralimni. Ever since the Turkish invasion of 1974, Paralimni has grown into an modern day town. Taking the place of nearby Famagusta in the free Famagusta district which has banks, shops and other amenities. Originally Paralimni was a small agricultural village near a lake, henceforth it's name: Paralimni. Though the lake is now dry it has been famous since mediaeval times for its ambelopoulia, a delicacy made with migrating birds the beccaficos.  Two miles from Liopertri village is an oasis in the rocky area and that also provides important shelter for the fishermen and their own boats. The visitors there enjoys the full splendor of the clear blue open sea and the wonderful peacefulness of that environment. A real true paradise." - Jason Usher, UK