It is the simplest and reasonable way to enjoy RV life without actually buying an RV. For most of us, owning an RV is a huge investment. Moreover, you need to maintain it throughout the year and keep it in working condition. All these can be overwhelming, and you can save yourself from this hassle by renting an RV for a low price. 

RV rentals also give you a chance to try out the lifestyle before you jump right into the RVing life. But, RV rentals can be really expensive if you are not careful. There are many ways to book a cheap RV rental.

Here, some of the tips are mentioned that will help you to rent a cheap RV.


1. Rent from a private owner

If you want to find a cheap yet functional RV, go to a private RV owner who has listed their RVs on the website. Their rental will be cheaper, and the vehicle will be in better condition. When you book an RV from a reputed company, they offer you RVs that many have rented before, and the rent is fixed. But privately-owned RVs are used by very few people and are usually well maintained. Thus, you will have a comfortable and affordable trip with a private RV.


2. Deals with relocation

Usually, RVs of big companies have higher rentals, but only in relocating deals can you get a cheaper RV. Relocating deals mean when an RV company has to transport an RV to a different place. So, you can use the RV for $1 per day. This is really cheap, and you can enjoy all its facilities. But the only problem is, it is a one-way road. You can only use the RV to reach the destination, and you have to use other transportation for returning home.


3. The less visited destination

The best way to get a cheap RV deal is by visiting a less popular destination. A lot of people book RVs to visit popular tourist spots. So, those RVs are always fully booked and cost a lot. If you plan your trip to an offbeat place, you will easily get rental RVs for a cheap rate. Thus you can cut the cost to rent an RV.


4. Off season trips

Opting for an offseason trip will also save some of your RV rentals. During the offseason, you will also get fewer crowds in famous tourist destinations. The RV owners try to get their RV out of the storage by offering the cheapest deals. So, you can take advantage of this situation and visit a place without spending a lot of money.


5. Avoid the add-ons

When you rent an RV, the company offers you a lot of add-on facilities. For example, you get extra dishes, gear, fire pits, and many others. All these extra facilities increase the amount of rental charge. 

When you say no to these add-ons, you save a lot of money. One should bring their gear and other transportable gadgets on the trip. It also saves you from the risk of losing these items and paying an extra fee.


6. Go for a smaller RV

Choosing an RV can be confusing. You will find RVs of different sizes and facilities. While selecting a grand RV is tempting, you also have to pay the extra rental money. But if you choose a suitable RV for your family which is smaller in size, you save a good amount of money and can utilize it for other purposes. So, do not get tempted and select the spacious RV that is enough for your family. 


7. Rent near the destination

Instead of reaching your destination in your RV, you can travel there by car and then hire a local RV for road trips. RV rentals take a certain charge as its mileage fee, and this fee increases very fast without you realizing the total sum. 

Thus, a long road trip can be really costly. Moreover, you need to pay for the gas and electricity separately. So, calculate the cost before booking the RV.


8. Look around for comparison

You must look around before booking an RV. Thus you can compare the prices, mileage fees, add-on facilities, and generator fees of RVs offered by different companies and select the most suitable one.


These are the ways to book a cheap rental RV. RV life is all fun and full of thrill, and it also gives you a break from your monotonous life. So, keep these points in mind and book wisely to embark on an adventuring trip with an affordable rental RV.