Whether you live in the UK, or are keen to visit England from abroad and you are looking for your next break, you really should consider going to the Cotswolds.

Varsha Patel recently visited the Cotswolds and here she shares her top reasons why you will fall in love with this destination.


Planning a Staycation

I never used to think much of UK staycations. For me, a holiday always meant flying somewhere with a carry-on full of summer clothes, and feeling that heatwave directly after you got off the plane.

However, last year, I quickly changed my opinion of a typical holiday after visiting the Cotswolds with my boyfriend. I had really underestimated England until this point! Now, we’ve been back again this year because we both enjoyed it so much. 

Here are my top 5 reasons you will love visiting the Cotswolds.


1. Typically English Villages

It may sound silly, but I didn’t think places in England actually looked like the set of a soap opera like Emmerdale - but, the villages and towns in the Cotswolds really do.

They’re those classic postcard picture perfect towns, that are really appealing to me just because of how they’re so different to London. Bourton-on-the-Water, for example, is one of my top highlights! It’s the little cottages and cute pubs that really made it for me.

There’s also a real family-feel to the Cotswolds, and you always feel welcome and at ease. 


2. Lots of Places to Stay

Because of its unique location, some of the hotels and properties you’ll find can be quite special!

When searching accommodation on Booking.com, we found this of both the places we stayed at on our two trips there - one was an incredible, almost barn-yard conversion, and another was a studio room in an idyllic secluded little town.

The choice of accommodation also made the trips what they were, as even when you were inside making dinner, it didn’t just feel like you were just back at your house in London - it felt different! 


3. Walks, Walks and More Walks 

There are several walking routes you can take, and even in the rain (which we did get caught in during some of our walks), the Cotswolds’ beauty remains unmatched.

It’s such a therapeutic way to pass the time and spend your break, as you can go at your own pace, take in some beautiful views and stop off at pubs along the way if you fancy!

The greenery, the water and even just the air will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. 


4. Peace and Quiet

It’s just gorgeous being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As a London girl, my days consist of a crammed commute, busy work schedules and a sometimes suffocating feel.

The Cotswolds lets you leave all that behind and enter this world of serenity and calm, allowing you to forget about the tube and leave your car behind to enjoy some actual fresh air, and just forget about life for a weekend. ‘Rural bliss’ really hits the nail on the head.


5. Plenty to Do 

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because the Cotswolds are keenly described as calm and quiet, that there isn’t anything beyond walks and fireplaces to enjoy.

If you are planning a weekend break in the UK in the Cotswolds you can go see a local play at the playhouse, enjoy some shopping or eat at the many restaurants/pubs. You won’t come across ghost towns by any means! So don’t worry about being bored - you’ll definitely be able to keep yourself occupied. And I guarantee you’ll be back again!


Plan a Trip to the Cotswolds

There are lots of popular small towns in England and the Cotswolds really is one of the top places to visit in the United Kingdom.

Maybe you are planning a trip from overseas and keen to see more than just London, or you just want a break to see somewhere new, the Cotswolds won't disappoint.


By Varsha Patel