Top models, rock stars, famous athletes, movie stars, TV personalities, royal families and any kind of rich or famous people visit Mykonos for their summer vacations.

As the locals say, it all started at the end of 19th century, when a group of French archaeologists began the excavations in Delos, the islet next to Mykonos.

Back then, Mykonos was just a poor fishermen island but its natural beauties made a big impression to the French group. The first whispers about Mykonos started to spread.

Young members of the Athenian elite started visiting the island to spend some time away from the moral limitations of their social environment.

In 1954 King Paul organized a cruise for royalties to the Greek islands, including Mykonos. They were all amazed by the serene, astonishing landscapes. They shared the secret with their rich friends and this was the beginning of a huge touristic flow to the island.

Here are the top 10 reasons why celebrities and tourists love Mykonos, and why it should be your next destination too:


1. Beaches

Elias beach Mykonos

Mykonos has some of the best beaches in Europe and there are over 30 to choose from, most of which are spectacular with beautiful white sand and crystal clear water.

There are options for types of tourists, from small deserted quiet spots to lively busy beaches with day and night entertainment.

Beaches we recommend checking out include Agios Ioannis, Ornos, Psarrou, Platys Gialos, Agia Anna, Paraga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Agrari, Elia and Lia.

A lot of celebrities choose to visit beaches around the southern side of Mykonos which are famous for bars, clubs, amazing restaurants and beach parties. There are also lots of waters sports available to book including sailing, jetskiing, and scuba diving – you will never be bored here.


2. Parties

Mykonos has some of the best bars and clubs in Greece with picture perfect settings – another draw for famous celebs. Mykonos Is often compared to Ibiza where you can party all day or night to the sounds of some of the best DJ’s in the world.

If you would like experience the atmosphere at some of the best and famous clubs in Mykonos which are popular with celebs check out Cavo Paradiso, Babylon, 54, Skandinavian Bar and Club, Tropicana Beach Bar & Restaurant, Paradise Beach Club, Void, Astra and Scorpios.


3. Luxury Accommodation & Lifestyle

Villa Mykonos

As a result of the many rich visitors coming to the island, Mykonos had –and successfully managed – to establish a great luxurious base for their accommodation. Luxury five star hotels and Villa in Mykonos were built fast but carefully, aiming to completely satisfy their demanding guests.

Unpretentious and quality luxury is one of Mykonos characteristics that attract hundreds of celebrities each year. As VIPs are not willing to give up elegance or high level services during their holidays, they found a real paradise in Mykonos.

Today there are around 40 five star hotels all around the island and more than 100 Mykonos Luxury Villas available for rent.

A lot of which are also very affordable especially compared to other destinations like Santorini.


4. Privacy

Mykonos Beaches

Most celebrities don’t mind a few photographs or articles about how they spent their vacations but they definitely need some time off from publicity spot lights.

Like all humans, they need to spend some quality time with their families or friends, relax and have fun without worrying who may see them. Mykonos respects this and privacy is well protected on the island.

A Mykonos Villa is the perfect accommodation for anyone who wants both privacy and luxury at the same time.

Celebrities often choose a villa for their accommodation on the island and enjoy all the amenities and services they offer together with serenity and isolation they need for their private moments.


5. Impeccable Concierge Services

Mykonos concierge services

The extremely high level of concierge services offered in Mykonos is also a result of the high number of celebrities visiting the island. As a comfortable lifestyle is very important to celebrities and VIPs, they really seem to appreciate the big range of Mykonos concierge services offered at luxury hotels, villas or by independent agencies.

Exclusive concierge services in Mykonos include luxury transportation – such as luxurious cars with chauffeurs, private yachts or helicopters, hiring special staff like private chefs, butlers, trainers, security or entertainers, private shopping, VIP tickets to the best clubs, organizing special events or private parties and much more.

Experienced staff will do their best to satisfy their demanding clients like celebrities but also anyone who wishes for a totally carefree vacation.


6. Endless Shopping

Louis Vuitton

Celebs love shopping, everyone does right? You might not know it but Mykonos is right up there with the likes of St Tropez and Porto Cervo, with so many designer shops and boutiques.

There are literally hundreds of shops including world famous brands like Louis Vuitton and most are open till late everyday. Whether you are looking for clothing, jewellery, or just presents you will be able to find everything here.


7. Photo Opportunities Everywhere

Why you will love visiting Mykonos

Mykonos is so picture perfect, from the white washed houses to the stunning beaches and coast. Both sunrise and sunset are stunning!


8. Options for All Budgets

Mykonos might be one of the most popular destinations for celebrities but there are holidays and packages for all budgets. This island has luxury accommodation and activities at affordable prices.

If you would like to be more than just your average tourist you could also apply to work in Mykonos, or for something more rewarding, find volunteer opportunities in Mykonos.


9. Experience Ancient Civilizations

Mykonos might be a stunning luxury destination but visiting also provides the opportunity to see some of most impressive ancient ruins from the Greek civilization.

Delos is located nearby by boat, where you can see ancient statues, temples and amphitheaters. There are also lots of museums to visit.


10. Weather

Mykonos restaurant by ocean

Mykonos has a warm climate even in winter which makes it so popular compared to other places you can travel in Europe.

You are almost guaranteed sun from April through to October, with very little rainfall during this period. June and August are peak season with the best weather and this is also the best times to see famous celebrities.


Celebrities in Mykonos

The list of celebrities visiting Mykonos is huge. You will see many of them while walking on the narrow alleys of Mykonos Town, at the popular restaurants or nightclubs or at the many beaches of the island.

A favorite beach with celebs is Psarou and the beach bars of Nammos, Scorpios, Principote and Alemagou. But you will practically see them anywhere in Mykonos, even at the most remote places.

Among the most famous celebrities who have visited Mykonos over the decades include Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Soraya, Brigitte Bardot, Sharon Stone, Grace Kelly, Mel Gibson, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Linda Evangelista and Paris Hilton.

Recently Alessandra Ambrosio, Mariah Carey, Billy Zane, Gerard Butler, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Peter Shepherd, Princess Talita von Furstenberg, Perrie Edwards, Bella Hadid, Dwight Howard and Ariana Grande have all visited.

One of the loyal famous visitors of the island is Lindsay Lohan. She likes Mykonos so much that she recently founded her own nightclub here, called “Lohan Beach House Mykonos” so that she can spend more time with her friends on her favorite summer destination.