Krakow - Why is it Worth it?

Perhaps you have been planning to go there for a weekend but don't know where to start? Krakow is historically a very important place in Poland. It is the second largest city in the country and there is a lot of interesting things to see and do. 


Getting to Krakow is Easy

You can reach Krakow direct from lots of European destinations and there are two airports and several low cost airlines fly here daily. 

Flights are great value for money especially with companies like Ryanair, some as low as £15 return.  

Getting to the city centre from the main airports is also very easy. Krakow airport is 7 miles from the city whilst Katowice is 47 miles. From both airports there are several options for all budgets for how to reach the city centre. There is, for example, a Katowice to Krakow airport bus, which is fast and cheap.

From other Polish cities you can easily reach Krakow via bus/car/train. 


Krakow is Affordable

Poland is a very affordable destination. in Europe and you can get great value for money on flights, accommodation, sightseeing, food and drink.


People are Friendly

Local people are very friendly and you will find in Krakow, especially in th city centre and tourism hotspots most people can speak English which makes the experience of visiting easier and more enjoyable. You might like to also learn some basic Polish before arriving.


All Year Round Destination

Krakow is a great city to visit any month of the year. In summer you can enjoy the warm temperatures whilst in winter you can visit the various Christmas markets.  


Top Attractions

What is worth seeing when you come to Krakow?  We have put together a guide with recommendations to add to your Krakow itinerary. The list ranges from the more obvious attractions to places that only locals know about - all based on what best suits your travel style. You can easily visit these places on a short weekend break.

1. The Main Market Square
This is the starting point for a tour of Krakow's Old Town. You will get there by walking down Florianska Street all the way to the Main Square, which hides many attractions and places worth seeing! Perhaps your first impression upon entering this touristy city will be St Mary's Church - one of our finest works of art from the Arts and Crafts era in Poland, famous because it houses some truly amazing art day.

2. Cloth Hall
The Cloth Hall is a sight worth seeing in itself. It's not just a historic building, but also has many interesting museums and collections that will take you on a journey into Polish history through works of art from as far back as the 19th century!

3. Wawel Castle
The royal cathedral has been the site of many coronations, funerals and burials of Polish monarchs. Not only is it located in Krakow, but it also functions as one of the most historic churches in the country due to its proximity to several former rulers of Poland. This Cathedral is an extremely important place in the history of Poland and is of great historical significance. It was here that many rulers were crowned over time, and its impressive architecture is made up of layers of different styles from across Polish culture, combined into one building that still stands tall today as one spectacular sight to behold! Additionally, this sacred building houses treasures that include works by artists such as Jan Matejko.

4. The dragon's den
According to legend, the Wawel Dragon was a terrifying creature that burned and devoured people if they did not sacrifice enough cattle. It lived deep in a cave that is now part of Poland's most famous attraction associated with its legend - Wawel Castle. This cave, called the dragon's den, is great for tours.

5. St Mary's Church
St Mary's Church in Krakow hides a masterpiece from medieval sacred art - the altarpiece by Wit Stwosz. Finally, after centuries of restoration work, it will be finished in early 2021 and is ready for public viewing again!

If you are looking for a city break, perfect for all year round, it really is worth going to Krakow. Even just for a short weekend you'll really  get to know the city better.