This can include taking cooking courses, learning a language or trying a different type of holiday. If the latter sounds up your street, we’re here to tell you some of the main reasons you should consider going on a walking holiday next time you get away. 

Walking holidays can be done in some of the most beautiful places around the world such as Spain and they take you through mountains, valleys and towns off the beaten track, so continue reading our guide below to learn more about why you should consider going on a walking holiday in 2024. 


1. You will experience places in a completely different way

Typically, tourists will travel to their holiday destination by some sort of vehicle, which passes through countless beautiful spaces and towns. This usually means you only experience the touristy parts of the country. 

When you slow things down and walk everywhere, you’ll notice the little details that are usually missed, giving you a fresh perspective and helping you experience a unique holiday that you won’t forget. 


2.  It’s great for your body

According to Forbes, the most popular New Year’s resolution for 2024 was physical or dietary changes and walking can help you satisfy the physical part. Walking is great for improving your cardiovascular fitness, strengthening bones, reducing body fat and giving your muscles a boost. 


3. Nature is great for the mind and soul 

Walking tours place you in the thick of nature, surrounding you with green spaces filled with trees, plants and animals. Being out in nature is known to be great for your mental health, which means you can give your well-being a boost in the new year. 

The positive mental boost you get from this may encourage you to get out into nature when you return home too, so you can continue enjoying your walking for years to come.


4. Walking is very affordable 

We understand that the cost of living crisis is putting strains on everyone’s finances, which means luxurious holidays may not be on the cards in 2024.

However, walking holidays only require your two feet and the necessary equipment, so you won’t have to fork out for trains or taxis to get around. This should bring the cost of your holiday down significantly, making it more possible for you to get away this year.


5. Make new friends

You can go on walking. holidays independently or book structured tours. This is a great way to meet like-minded people and share the experience of visiting new places. You will probably be able to find walking groups near where you live whislt you can also book group trips all around the world. 


Plan your next walking holiday

Whether you are looking to take a walking holiday in Europe, or explore a different region of the world you can find so many trips and destinations for all levels and abilities.