View our guide to why you should consider living, working or retiring in Portugal and get inspired to move to this beautiful country.


1. Diverse Locations

Portugal might look a small country on a map but there are so many different places you can live perfect for singles, couples, families and retirees.

From modern cities like Porto and the capital Lisbon, to quiet relaxing countryside locations, to islands like Madeira, to incredible beach resorts in the Algarve - there are places to appeal to everyone.

Portugal has some of the most breathtakingly beautiful cities and landscapes, and the whole south coast is blessed with beautiful beaches. There are so many places to explore and Instragrammable photos around every corner. 


2. Weather

Algarve, Portugal

Portugal has one of the best climates in Europe and and outdoor lifestyle. Summers are hot, whilst winters never get that cold compared to other more northerly countries in Europe like France, the UK and Germany.

During peak summer in July average temperature are around 25°C (75°F) and whilst although winter months like December and January can be wet, there is still usually lots of sunshine.


3. Quality of Life

In 2019, The Internations Expat Insider Survey rated Portugal the number one country for quality of life. This is for good reason too, Portugal has a very relaxed pace of life and even the bigger cities never seem too busy or rushed. 


4. Tax Advantages

Portugal has low tax rates for workers and retirees making it even more of a desirable destination to move to. You can view more information about the process for moving to Portugal online or if you need any advice you can contact a company like My Portugal Residency who can help with the the visa process of moving to Portugal.


5. Friendly People

Portuguese people are very hospitable and in all the major destinations a lot of people speak English. You could use this opportunity to study Portuguese either online or by booking classes - this will make the process of living here easier.

By living here you can learn more about the people, culture and. history of the country. Portugal also has thousands of people living here from all over the world and there are lots of expat communities throughout the country.


6. Low Crime Rates

Crime rates in Portugal compared to other countries around the world are very low. Most places are very safe.


7. Affordable

Portugal offers great value for money in terms of living and. renting or buying property. There are so many options too from old charming houses, apartments and seaside holiday villas.

Prices for monthly rent or buying is very cheap especially compared to Spain, France and the UK. Prices for groceries and shopping is also on the affordable side.


8. Cuisine 

People in Portugal take their food seriously and like to eat well. Most cuisine is make with fresh ingredients and is very healthy.

You can buy fresh seafood, meat and vegetables at low prices - this is why the life expectancy in Portugal is better than many other countries. You can also drink the tasty locally grown wines which are growing in popularity around the world.


9. So Much to Do

There are so many advantages of living in Portugal including sports and activities, from surfing, paddle boarding, hikes, biking and more.

You'll never be bored especially if you are a sports fan, locals are football crazy and you can see games throughout the country. There are lots of amazing trips you can do perfect for adventure travellers, families and more.


10. Well Connected

Portugal is easy to get to from other European destinations, flight times are short and so many low cost airlines offer flights so you get real value for money flying in or out of the country.


How to Live in Portugal

If you are keen to move to beautiful Portugal these pages will help you achieve this goal:

Hopefully our article has inspired you to consider moving to Portugal. Have you ever visited Portugal? Share your experience in the comments section below.