If Prague is top of your list of cities to go for a stag do, we have put together a comprehensive list of hotels, activities, nightclubs, and dinner spots you can visit with your group and have one hell of a party.

Whether you’re looking for a fun weekend, or a whole week, this list is all you will need to plan the perfect stag do.


Where to Stay

These are some of the best hotels to consider which are located centrally, there are options for all budgets.

The MadHouse Prague - Cheap/budget

An economical option located close to Wenceslas Square, The Madhouse Prague is a great way to make sure your party never stops. With dorm rooms with bunk beds and private rooms, the group can stay together all the time while the groom gets a private room to relax. There is no curfew and 24-hour reception so you can party as late as you want and come back to a comfy bed!

Wenceslas Square Hotel - Midrange

Located in one of the busiest squares of the whole city, this hotel will place you and your group near all the best nightclubs and bars. It’s a three-star hotel that is also next to the Charles Bridge and the National Museum. They have a great restaurant and a rooftop terrace which will be perfect for a hungover breakfast or brunch.

Radisson Blu Hotel - Expensive

If you’re looking for a more fancy option for your accommodation, there is none better than the Radisson Blu Hotel, Prague. Located near all the main nightclubs, bars, and main attractions, this five-star hotel will add luxury to your stag do. With a terrace bar to get your party started and a wonderful brasserie to help with the morning hangovers, you can’t go wrong with this hotel.



Staropramen Brewery Tour

When you’re looking to take it slow in the daytime but still want to keep partying, this tour is the perfect option. Visit the brewery where this famous beer is made and meet the official Brew Master, visit the laboratory, and get a free beer on your way out. It’s a great way to keep having fun while also taking the day slow to help with the hangovers.


If you are passionate about football why not go see a live game in Prague? There are 6 big teams located here, including Sparta, Slavia, FK Dukla Praha, Bohemians 1905, FK Victoria Zizkov and FC Slavoj Vysehrad. You could time your trip to see a game, or be sure to try to see the huge derby between Sparta and Slavia clubs, the atmosphere on matchdays in incredible.

Go Shooting in Prague

If you’ve ever wondered what it must be like to be a Soviet soldier, an American sniper, or just a main character in a Wild West movie, this place is for you and your group. At the Prague Gun Range, you can shoot a variety of legendary guns from varying distances in 4 different ranges. It is an activity that will help everyone blow off some steam and get into the competitive spirit as well. At the end of your 4-hour session, you get food and drinks to cap off a good day.

Relax in a Beer Spa

At the end of your trip, what could be better than relaxing in a Beer Spa with the boys? The venue is based on a traditional Prague bar and makes for a seriously unique activity. You can have an unlimited beer while relaxing in a barrel-shaped hop sauna or a whirlpool Royal Oak tub. You get free towels, blankets, basswood slippers, and a wheat straw bed by the fireplace to end your spa day.


Nightclubs and Bars


A fancy, upscale nightclub with live Cabaret and striptease shows, Goldfingers is a club you need to add to your itinerary for the Stag Do. There is no dress code for this club so you and your boys can show up as you want. There are so many different types of shows that you can catch while enjoying any type of drink you want. A classy way to start the festivities of a traditional Stag Do, you can’t go wrong with this choice!

The Pub

A self-service, no-frills bar that is perfect for just sitting with your friends and enjoying Pilsners. There are four taps on each table and a computer to keep tabs on how much you’re drinking. The best part? Each table is competing with each other to see who can drink the most, so why not take on another group and stand out as champions? There is also a terrace where you can chill after you’re done drinking!

Hangar Bar

An experience that you won’t forget, Hangar Bar is based around Pan Am airline and the waitresses are dressed like air stewardesses. The body of an aircraft serves as the center of the dancefloor and there’s even a Pilot’s lounge where you and your group can party in. There are stunts and shows that you can watch while bringing up your drink tally and take in the unique experience.

So yeah, here’s the best of the hotels, activities, and nightclubs that


Plan a Stag Do to Prague

There are so many reasons to visit Prague, this city is such an 
amazing stag do destination, and also great value for money especially compare to other cities in Europe.

No matter what time of the year you want to go, you'll have a really great time. Visiting Prague in winter is also perfect for drinking and entertainment. Now, go forth and have fun!

If you have ever been to Prague let us know your tips in the comments section below.