This city is the most magical one in Europe. So, if you add the whole Christmas atmosphere to this already charming city, you find yourself with a whole world of enchantment, that you will never forget, once you get back home.

Here are a few reasons why you should head to the Check Republic’s capital city, this winter.


The Christmas Market

There are various types of holidays to be taken throughout the year. In winter time, some dream of golden beaches and warm sun, while others look for Nordic cities, where they can enjoy the beauty of Christmas lights reflecting in the snow.

When you walk around the Prague Christmas Market, you will be sent back to your youth, when all you wanted was for that moment to arrive, when you could finally go to the Christmas tree in the house and find all the gifts that awaited you, there.

Those that visit one Christmas market in a different city, every year, won’t believe their eyes when they enter the Staroměstské Náměstí (Old Town Square).

First, they will probably pass in front of the astronomical clock, just before they arrive, which is one of the most beautiful any traveler will ever get to see in their lifetime. It will already open up your mind, to the world of fantasy. But once you find yourself in front of the square, looking at the giant Christmas tree, you won’t be able to help yourself and whisper (or shout) “Wow!”

Then, you will discover the work of craftsmen from the country, in the various stalls, while you sip on warm spicy wine and eat a few hot chestnuts. 


Walking around the Town

Discovering a city by walking around its streets is something that all tourists do. However, there is nothing quite like losing yourself in the Old Town, while it is snowing.

The crisp sound that your boots make on the freshly fallen snow, the cool air caressing your skin, and the darkness of the sky that seems to reflect the city’s state of mind is simply breathtaking.

Crossing the Charles Bridge and discovering all its statues, one by one, will bring you back to the fairy tales that your mother or your father read to you, when you were young.

This sensation will grow even more as you advance towards the castle. There you will enter fully into another world, from the past, and you can daydream about the life of princes and queens, as they walked around the streets of the enclosed castle ground.


Enjoy some Outdoor Ice-skating

You don’t have to bring your skates with you, when you head to Prague. There are a few rinks that pop-up in the center of town, throughout the winter period, where they will rent you a pair.

Spending time outdoors is the best way to fully appreciate Prague in winter time. And if you are afraid to fall down on ice skates, then buy yourself a cheap sled from a sports store and go slide down the hill at Riegrovy Sady Park.