We have put together a guide with recommendations and ideas for the best options which are very similar to Peace Corps but can be shorter in period and a little different with more flexibility and range from free to paid placements.


What is Peace Corps

Peace Corps - Similar Opportunities

Peace Corps is a fantastic learning experience which benefits developing countries around the world by placing volunteers on positions overseas. Peace Corps is funded by the U.S. government and describes itself as "The toughest job you'll ever love," which is about right! Since 1961 Peace Corps has been placing volunteers and there are opportunities in over 70 countries! 

Areas you can get involved with and help include:

Peace Corps is a whole package which includes trained and fully supported placements with others, extensive training and information, and assistance / alumni contacts once you return home. If you speak to any past Peace Corps alumni about the experience they will highly recommend joining but just like everything in life, this is not for everyone and below we have some other options you might want to consider.


Alternative Flexibile Programs

The programs we have listed on our website are very flexible in terms of time commitment, you can join most projects from 1-52 weeks and over. There are lots of organisations which are not government-affiliated - NGO's which also offer more independent options where you can organise the date and your own travel.


Shorter Term Programs

To participate on a Peace Corps program you will need to be available for 27 months (2 1/2/ years!) but there are a lot of shorter term opportunities.

Not everyone has the time to dedicate two years volunteering in a developing country - this is a huge commitment especially with work or studies.

If you are currently in full time education or working a career there is no need to put the breaks on, you could spend a week or longer volunteering and helping on a vacation or if you are a student we have some fantastic summer volunteer vacations overseas.


Choose Your Own Destination

Committing to Peace Corps can mean you go anywhere in the world, and we mean anywhere!! Where you get placed really depends on where there is a greater need for participants and so some popular destinations like India and Brazil for example might be full.

But if you are independent and choose your own placement and with One World 365 you can find placements in developing and modern countries all around the world.

From FijiLesotho to Spain - we have so many amazing opportunities you just need to choose where you would like to go.


Areas of Work

Whether you are interested in a general placement, or something more skilled/specific - business, public health, medicine, construction, architecture etc we have some fantastic ideas and programs to match your interests.


Requirements for Applicants

The Peace Crops application and placement process can take time, you will need to get background checks, a medical review, and wait a while to see first if your application is accepted then for a placement to be found. Peace Corps is also only available to U.S. citizens and over 18 years of age but on our website you can find trips for all nationalities and people aged 16, 17+ and also families.


Start Researching Options Today

Our website has so many alternatives organisations to Peace Corps which offer similar life changing and rewarding experiences. Also don't think volunteering abroad needs to be expensive, there are various free and low cost projects available too. Get started today and search our featured volunteering work abroad placements.


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