Selecting the right bag when going travelling can really make your experience easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable. This is something you will use every day and it's very important you make the right decision.

Here we review the Numinous Pack 55L backpack giving you the low down of the features and whether we would recommend this bag for an overseas adventure.



Numinous backpacks are the invention of Jason Lowe, who after getting his back stolen in Thailand came up with the idea of designing a safer backpack that is difficult to steal or slash. There are a range of Numinous backpacks available including a 25L Day Pack, a 55L Travel Pack and a 65L Travel Pack.


Best Uses

  • Backpacking, gap years, activity holidays



  • Well made/light
  • Super comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent safety features



  • Different coloured bags could be added to the range
  • If you are on a budget this bag might be out of your price range 



One of the worst things than can happen on when you are travelling is theft, so many people every year get their bags stolen or attacked, either slashed by thieves or when in transit someone puncturing the zip to gain easy access.

This is where Numinous packs stand out from the crowd, all bags are protected by anti-slash and anti-puncture technology and are fitted with TSA approved zipper locks. These are fantastic features which most bags do not have.

The zips on the Numinous packs are puncture resistant to pen or tool attacks whilst Kevlar is used in the bags which is 5 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis - this ensures the maximum protection against anyone trying to gain access to your belongings.

There is also a retractable wire lock system for extra safety. This is a great addition which not many bags have and will come in useful for example if you are staying in a dorm room you can lock it close to your bed or if you are using public transport.



Gone are the days of the old style rucksack with just a top opening, modern backpacks offer several entry points and the Numinour 55L is no different.

The outside zip opens the whole way meaning you get easy access to the whole area inside. The space inside seems generous. There is also a padded laptop compartment perfect if you are looking to take your computer with you.



We found the backpack very comfortable to carry, there is an adjustable back system, a padded lumbar support and airflow system. Another great feature of the bag is the rain cover, you might not think you need this but believe us, this will be very handy keeping all your belongings dry when you are outdoors or trekking. For a 55L bag it also feels light compared to similar bags on the market and at 3.05kg it is.



The 55L rucksack costs £180 and is available from online retailers like Amazon or in a selection of stores across the UK. At £180 this is more expensive than some of the 55L bags on the market but other bags don't offer the same safety features as this bag does.



A great rucksack that we really liked. Not only has this bag got a modern design but it is also comfortable to wear. The best thing we love about this backpack is the high-tech safety features.

If you are thinking about taking a gap year or going travelling and would like to keep your belongings safe we would this bag would get our vote.

Overall Rating 4 / 5


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