There is the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the city of Boston and many other exciting places to see.

However, what about New Jersey? It’s on the US East Coast too!

It is heard throughout the states: New Jersey is the armpit of America. Well, many people give it a bad reputation when they have yet to step foot on its soil. For one, New Jersey’s location is close to many hot spot areas around the state.

There are shore points to the east, New York to the north and Philadelphia to the west. Second, it is known as “The Garden State.” Its agriculture is booming and there is rarely a town you can pass without having the opportunity to fill your kitchen with fresh grown vegetables and fruits. 

In addition, when is the last time you visited a state with two different parts? I was born in North Jersey and half of my family still resides there.

While I was raised with North Jersey blood, I completed my college education in South Jersey – an entirely different atmosphere than I was used to in the north.

Therefore, New Jersey itself gives you two contrasting cultures to choose from located in just one state.


What Make New Jersey Special

North Jersey is its own entity. Just about every town is decorated with tall trees surrounding back roads and houses, and bustling small business owners are looking to provide its people with goodies.

It emulates a sense of family – men and women walking the sidewalks and kids playing in parks. As for me, driving into North Jersey gives me a sense of peace. People aren’t afraid to tell you how they feel. If you can handle that, then this is the right place for you.


South Jersey

As for South Jersey, I found it the complete opposite of the north.

With it being about 25 minutes from Philadelphia, it doesn’t have the true “Jersey” feel as much as the north emanates. Yes, there are still many farms and fresh produce available as it is still “The Garden State,” but it gives a different vibe. It’s a little more hip than the north.

There’s many little cafes to grab a quick bite to eat or catch up with a friend over coffee. South Jersey is also closer to the infamous Atlantic City, where you can go to enjoy the beach by day and enjoy the nightlife with clubs and casinos in the evening.

Cape May is another wonderful destination in the area – the southernmost shore point in New Jersey. It is a quaint beach town with magnificent aesthetics and a relaxing feel. 


Don't Miss Out

Since I am from New Jersey, I hear all the stereotypes from friends who aren’t from the state.

I hear it’s the dirtiest state, people can’t drive who are from Jersey and its people have no soul. Well, I’m here to tell you first hand that those are generalizations.

Every state has its dirty cities, many people can’t drive all over the United States and there is a mixture of people with and without souls all over the country.

All I know is, New Jersey is a completely underrated state and doesn’t get the positive attention it deserves. It is visually appealing with its vast nature and family oriented vibe on one end, and its hip culture and bustling beach towns on the other.

Do yourself a favor, and next time you’re planning a trip east – don’t overlook New Jersey. 


By Davin Jurgensen


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