But which industries are the most successful and where are your best chances of securing employment?


1. Tourism

Turkey Tourism

Although Turkey’s tourism industry has been heavily impacted by domestic disputes and terrorist attacks, it is still one of the most rapidly growing industries.

Turkey is, and always will be, a holiday hotspot. Visitors are attracted by the warm temperatures, beaches and luxury hotels. According to Thomas Cook, 11 of the best 100 hotels in the world are located near the country’s beaches.

Around £3.4 million was earned from tourism in the first three months of 2017. Overall the risk remains low and people are still travelling, particularly to popular holiday destinations such as Antalya which is where 30% of all tourists visiting Turkey stay.

Due to tourism there are lots of seasonal jobs in Turkey.  


2. Agriculture

Turkey agriculture

Traditionally, agriculture was the most popular industry in Turkey.

People lived simply and there was an abundance of farmers. The industry remains responsible for 25% of all jobs in Turkey. Despite a decline over the past 30 years, as people choose more technical city-based jobs, the industry stays successful due to the ideal growing conditions in Turkey.

Almost any crop can be grown in the fertile soil, from cereals to fruits and vegetables. Most of the crops are exported to EU countries, the US and the Middle East. Exports bring in around $17 billion every year. Aside from income and employment, the industry’s main success is that the country is self-sufficient when it comes to food.


3. Cosmetic Treatment

Turkey Tourism Beach

It might surprise you that plastic and cosmetic surgery in Turkey is one of the most successful industries. This is because there is growing demand worldwide for people having life changing procedures such as liposuction.

There is also an increasing amount of UK residents who are travelling abroad for plastic surgery and as a result Turkey has become a hotspot for treatment.

Lower prices and English speaking doctors are part of the attraction for Brits seeking surgery in Turkey. Many practices are also UK registered, which adds extra reassurance.


4. Defence

The defence industry is one of the most successful industries in Turkey. In 2016 alone Turkey manufactured military products worth $5.9 billion. They exported $1.7 of these products abroad.

Previously, the defence industry was 80% reliant on external supplies of military products, that figure has fallen to only 40%. That change has only taken 15 years to happen so it is clear the industry is well on its way to being self-sufficient.


5. Manufacturing

Turkey’s manufacturing industry is varied, from textiles to iron and steel. Income is generated across all the products which are made and exported from Turkey but electronic goods are the most successful production area in the country.

The EU’s largest producer of TVs, Vestel, is based in Turkey. In 2006, almost a quarter of TVs sold in Europe were manufactured by Vestel. Other large brands of electronic goods in Turkey include Beko, which produces kitchen appliances.


Careers in Turkey

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