Turkey were used in the ancient times as hideouts by Christians who hid from Roman soldiers and armies. They are made up of tunnel towns, underground villages, ancient temples, secret rooms and hidden passages. Some of these cities can be backdated to beyond Roman times and they are simply remarkable to see.

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Amazing Facts behind the Underground Cities of Cappadocia

Amazing Facts behind the Underground Cities of Cappadocia

The underground cities of Cappadocia which are in Turkey were used in the ancient times as hideouts by Christians who hid from Roman soldiers and armies. They are made up of tunnel towns, underground villages, ancient temples, secret rooms and hidden passages. Some of these cities can be backdated to beyond Roman times and they are simply remarkable to see.

The architectural designs are amazing with some buildings having even five stories. Having been there it is hard not to recommend the underground cities of Cappadocia to someone else. It is a famous tourist and study destination with everyone wanting to see for themselves how history can be so magnificent. These are some of the high ranking underground cities that are recommendable for all to visit:


Derinkuyu Underground City

It is the most admired and impressive city in the region due to it being deeper and bigger than all the others. There are eight floors which extend about 85 meters underground and they seem to have provided enough protection during invasions in the past. There are animal pens, a chapel, burial chambers, rooms, wells and kitchen areas to be explored.


Tatlarin Underground City

It was discovered in 1975 then opened for public viewing in 1991 after excavations though only two floors can be explored. It has many large rooms which were thought to have been used for military or religious purposes. It has food storage areas, kitchens, burial places and sliding stones that were used as doors and could only be opened by those on the inside.


Mazi Village Underground City

It is much smaller compared to other cities but it's good to note that there is a winery, church and barns. It had four entrances that all led to the central hall.


Ozkonak Underground City

The discovery of this city was made in 1972 and it's different from the rest in that ceiling holes are found on top of the doors and it was through these holes that hot oil was poured on visitors who were unwelcome. Four out of 10 floors are currently open for public viewing but it has tour surprises to offer including salons, tombs, water shells and ventilation systems.


Gaziemir Underground City

Recently opened for visitors in 2007 and is believed to have been used fully in the Byzantine Period. It has mass tunnels and within these are tandoor fireplaces, two churches, a Turkish bath and a winery. It's different from the rest with larger passageways that would've even allowed horse passage. Experts believe that it was a public house used after period of invasion.


Kaymakli Underground City

It was previously named Enegup and it's believed that this city was first built then the homes established at the entrance much later. It has eight floors which approximately accommodated 5000 people. It has storage and kitchen areas, wells, water cistern, a winery and a ventilation system that was well built. Storage areas were built to sustain livestock and this must have helped greatly in cheese, milk and egg production. Other underground cities are Ozluce, Ovaoren, Gozyasi and Acigol and they are all recommendable for tourists who enjoy mystery and ancient designs.


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