The self-discovery and personal growth that can result from taking yourself out of your comfort zone is something that will change you forever. And if you really want to experience some of the most incredible feelings you really need to go explore the world and discover activities and amazing destinations for yourself.

If you are getting wanderlust we have compiled a comprehensive list of the ultimate top travel experiences that will change your life.

Read on and see which ones you want to add to your bucket list.


1. Hike to One of the Seven World Wonders

Machu Picchu, an ancient Incan City, deserves its place on the Seven Wonders of the World list. It’s a truly spectacular and indescribable archaeological site located in Peru.

If you’re a traveler who enjoys being active on your adventures, you won’t want to miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime hike along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

There are 3 trail options that differ in difficulty and length. The Classic Inca Trail hike has a moderate difficulty level and takes place over 3 days. 

You’ll be hiking 24-26 miles overall, so make sure to stay hydrated and well-fed, dress in layers to accommodate for the weather changes, and bring insect repellent and remedies for altitude sickness.

Search Peru group tours or view these Machu Picchu packing tips


2. Volunteer in India

Harmandir Sahib, India

Volunteering abroad can be truly life-changing. Many 3rd-world countries require help in the aftermath of natural disasters and terrorist attacks. And many countries just need some human intervention to improve people’s lives in the community.

Fully immerse yourself in the local culture in India and do some social and community building.

In India, there are many opportunities to teach and care for children, empower women, help people with disabilities, provide healthcare services, and do some general community development work.

There are many reasons to volunteer in India, including gaining life experience, engaging with a new culture and community, focusing your energy on helping others, and making a difference in the world.


3. Backpacking Southeast Asia

Phi Phi, Thailand

To many of us, traveling solo can seem incredibly scary and daunting, but it can also lead you to develop a greater sense of independence and determination.

Amazing destinations in Southeast Asia are set up for solo travelers. And you will meet and connect with plenty of other people on the same path as you.

Travel solo to Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, or Laos to truly find yourself. You will experience a new sense of freedom in doing so.

Just remember to plan far ahead and ensure you have everything you need to protect yourself on a backpacking trip.


4. Travel Off-The-Grid to Zambia

Wild elephants Africa

Drag along your loved ones to a safari in Zambia where you can completely detach from technology and the stress of your daily life challenges.

Connect with nature and appreciate it in all its glory somewhere remote and wild. Take a walking safari with a guided tour company or a safari lodge in Zambia. 

The Liuwa Plain National Park gives you ample opportunity to disconnect for a bit and return to your own world feeling inspired and rejuvenated.


5. Get Spiritual in Tokyo

Tokyo temple

Japan is a beautiful country rich with interesting spiritual ceremonies for you to engage with.

In Tokyo specifically, you can explore traditional Japanese culture. Discover yourself and do some intense self-reflection and healing at Buddhist temples. 

Participate in or observe traditional tea ceremonies. And maybe give martial arts and calligraphy lessons a try to learn about another culture.

An important tip is to be aware of any dress codes and necessary offerings when visiting a spiritual venue or participating in a Japanese cultural experience.


6. Embrace the Adrenaline in New Zealand

New Zealand mountains

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Or simply someone searching for an exciting and invigorating travel experience?

If you answered, “yes”, then bungee jumping in New Zealand should be on your bucket list. This adrenaline-packed activity has been known to reduce anxiety, help with mood regulation, and give the jumper an elevated sense of euphoria for an extended period after bungee jumping.

New Zealand is where the first ever organized bungee jump was done, and now there are places you jump all over the country. Join risk-takers in places like the stunning city of Queenstown where you can leap with the stunning scenery of the majestic mountains.

If you would like to be more than just a tourist view our guide to seasonal work in New Zealand.


7. See Penguins in Antarctica

Penguins, Antarctica

Global warming is affecting many amazing and vital ecosystems in the world. And Antarctica is one of them.

Before it’s too late, we highly recommend taking a commercial flight or a cruise from South America to one of the wildest spots on the planet.

Not only can you experience relatively unspoiled nature, but you can also camp, sea kayak, swim in hot springs, and visit penguins and other indigenous creatures.


8. Get Awe-struck at the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Another ecosystem feeling the effects of global warming and carbon pollution is the biodiverse Great Barrier Reef.

If you’re a lover of all things related to the sea, you’ll certainly want to take a trip to Queensland, Australia to snorkel or scuba dive among the aquatic fauna and flora.

Off the Queensland coast, you will find the expansiveness of the largest coral reef system in the world. Swim among turtles, dolphins, fish, and colorful corals in this vast underwater ecosystem.


9. Experience The Northern Lights

Northern lights

Go on a great expedition to marvel at the greens, blues, reds, purples, and pinks of the Northern Lights.

The best place to see the Northern Lights is anywhere as far north as possible, away from a human-populated area where light pollution is rife. The closer you are to the Arctic Circle, the higher your chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

You will be able to access this natural phenomenon from Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, the Yukon, and Scandinavia. 

You should visit in September or October during an Equinox. You will also be able to avoid the extreme cold during these months. But you still want to ensure you have all the proper gear to keep warm!


10. Get Close to Orangutans in Borneo

Orangutans, Borneo

Seeing exotic oranugtans up close is a really special experience and there aren't many places better in the world than Borneo.

Borneo is lush in nature, beaches and the wildife species located here attract thousands of tourists every year. You can book sightseeing tours or visit wildlife centres to learn more about the native animals and see them up close.

If you really want something special then consider joining volunteer projects in Borneo where you can help conservation efforts. 


Start Planning Your Next Trip

We hope our guide to some of the most magical adventures around the world has ignited your wanderlust. If you have any destinations that have made a big impact on your life let us know in the comments section below.