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Travelling. The word itself inspires images of exotic places and cultural experiences. You can travel for a few days, a few months, a few years, but each experience enriches you, it changes you; it opens you up to a whole new world. With One World 365 you can search hundreds of small group, overland, cultural and adventure tours in over 100 countries from the worlds best local and international operators. Search tours today.


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Search and compare the very best small group overland, adventure and cultural tours with local and international operators offering trips to destinations worldwide.

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Small Group Adventure Tours Abroad

Types of Tours Available

Are you attracted to excitement and exploration? Discover the world through an adventure tour and experience places that you have only dreamed of. Group tours encapsulate various different experiences depending on your desires. You will get to experience a new part of the planet in a safe and structured way going off the beaten track, away from the tourist crowds. If you want to make the most of your experience overseas, a tour is a fantastic way to meet new people and see places you may never have dreamed of. 

There are lots of different trips available which have been created to match popular passions and interests, and most of them are organised to maximise the fun but limit the stress, therefore the hassles of travelling are accounted for before you even leave. We list tours is most countries including adventure trips, small group tours and overland tours which can last anything from a day to over a year. There are so many different types of tours and trips available which you can book through our website, different tours and companies cater for different people and ages please research all before applying. Popular options include:



Small Group Tours

There are adventure tours in a wide range of locations all around the world, the hard part can be deciding which challenge to take! You will get to create memories and get photos to last a lifetime whilst seeing new places and meeting new people. There are all really exciting opportunities but please do lots of research to see if you think you are physically fit enough to complete the experience.



Volunteer Tours

There are lots of rewarding group tours which include exploring a new region of the world and also helping local volunteering projects where you can really make a difference to the lives of others. There are lots of trips, itineraries and departure dates, you are sure to find a travel experience which is suitable for you whatever you are looking for. Example volunteer tours include visiting Tanzania and helping communities constructing buildings or helping at orphanages, in Peru you can complete building work on the Inca trail, in Nepal you could volunteer at orphanages, in India there are literally hundreds of opportunities, in China and helping pandas, working with wildlife on a safari in South Africa and helping children/education projects on a tour in Brazil.



Hiking and Trekking Tours

Adventure Tours

Popular adventure tours can include climbing the Crater Highlands or Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa, trekking up to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, climing Ladakh in India and our personal favourite and one of the most popular trips in the world trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru.



Overland Tours

Overland Tours

Travel overland on a tour bus and explore a new destination. From visiting one country, or multiple across a continent there are litreally hundreds of overland trips available. Overland tours are a fantastic way to see parts of the world that are otherwise incredibly difficult to get to, and you get to do it with a bunch of like-minded people who you’ll get to know inside out (sometimes literally, thanks to the omnipresent stomach bugs).  They are inclusive as everyone gets involved in every part of the trip.  And they are cost-effective, offering a way to cover lots of ground and pack in a great deal in a relatively short time.



Tours for Singles

Tours for Singles & Solo Travelers

If you are looking to explore or travel by yourself this can seem a daunting experience but travel companies have put together special tours exactly to appeal to you. There are lots of destinations where you can travel with other singles and enjoy a social and fun experience. We also have a selection of family adventures where you can discover new parts of the world and take your kids along too. Children usually need to be aged 6+ to join.



Cultural & Special Interest Tours

If you have a specific interest e.g. walking, archaeology, sports, festivals or history you can join specially arranged tours.



Gap Year Tours

If you are planning a gap year and you would like to travel abroad we highly recommend joining a tour. Tours have been created to take you to amazing places which can be difficult to visit by yourself, if you are planning a solo gap year tours are also a good way to meet new friends and not get lonely. On gap year tours you will get an introduction to a new country and have an experienced guide to provide information and help you experience the time of your life. These trips will help you get immersed into a new culture and trips are safe and also a lot of fun! You can sign up in advance and most itineraries have departures all year round including small group tours, sightseeing tours, conservation tours and guided off the beaten track tours. These tours are popular with all age groups and nationalities so whether you are a student, graduate or would just like to take time out and travel you will find a tour to suit your interests and time frame. There are lots of hop-on hop-off bus and boat tours which are very popular.



Tours for 18-30's

Should you take a group tour catering to young travelers?  Here are some top tips to think about before booking a tour aimed at the 18-30 age group written by seasoned travellers By Jessica Dangles. If you’re between the age of 18-30 and interested in traveling on a tour, there are a lot of options to choose from. Tour groups like G Adventures and Oasis Overland cater to younger travelers by offering affordable trips with plenty of free time.  These tours also appeal to solo travelers because you have the opportunity to meet like-minded friends from all over the world.

You can certainly travel for cheaper than the prices most tour companies boast, but part of the fun is meeting new people and having everything planned for you. It is wise to find out what is included in the tour fee prior to putting down a deposit. Are the excursions included or is there an additional charge? What about transportation? Do a little legwork ahead of time to make sure you are getting the most for your hard earned dollars.

The whole reason to take a tour is to have all the planning and preparation done for you. In short, the only work you have to do is booking airfare (some tours will even do this for you) and showing up on day one. For young professionals with limited vacation time, tours offer an easy way to make the most your time, with many European tours hitting several countries in under a week. 

Group tours are not for everyone. Here are a few things to consider before signing up:

  • If you are in your late twenties, you may be one of the oldest members of the group. Many participants are students on a trip funded by their parents or on a gap year from school
  • Tour members like to party.  You should prepare to be surrounded by hung-over people each morning and possibly kept up at night by the sounds of drunken travelers
  • You will have at least one roommate.  Unless you pay extra you will be sharing a room with another person of the same sex. You might meet your future best friend or you might get kicked out of the room at 4am when he or she brings a “friend” over
  • You aren’t on a luxury tour. None of these tour companies offer 5-star hotels, first class transportation, or room service

These may not be deal breakers for you, but not everyone will enjoy traveling in that environment.  Tours are a safe, fun, and relatively inexpensive way to see the world. Do your homework before choosing a tour group and go into the experience open minded and ready for anything.



Eligibility & Requirements

Everyone can join a tour and for most trips there are no specific requirements. This means on a lot of tours you will meet people from all over the world as all nationalities can apply. There are usually no age restrictions but sometimes some companies tailor trip for certain ages groups, for example youth 18-30 trips.




The cost of a tour really depends on what type of trip you are joining and where in the world you would like to visit. Tours in places like Asia and Latin America are generally lower than those in Europe. Some travel companies offer package deals where flights, transfers, accommodation and meals are commonly included.



Tour Reviews

If you have ever joined a group tour and would like to review a company or trip please contact us.






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