Maybe to one on the most sought after, luxurious and exquisite islands of the south of Italy? Then try Capri!

This is one of the top places to see in Italy, an exotic get away since ancient times, and especially from the 1950’s for the well-heeled, royals and movie stars, it has a reputation for being all enchanting! 

So with heels or not, exploring the island of Capri and it’s many bays, grottos and more, can be done in a fabulous way, in a day! 


How to Get to Capri from Rome

From Rome, it is a bit of a journey, perhaps use this as a challenge to see how many forms of transport you can take.

There are several travel operators offering day tours, but it is also fairly easy to travel by public transport independently.

Take the train from Roma Termini (as early as you can), to Napoli. It depends on which train service you choose, but the longest it will take is two hours and forty minutes. Check out this article what to know before travelling by train in Italy which might be helpful.

From Napoli central station walk (or take a cab!) to the ferry dock. Again, there are choices as to which speed ferry to choose, this too is dependant on price. 

If you end up on the ‘slow’ ferry (approximately one hour and a half), no worries- kick back and enjoy! Snacks and beverages are available on board, gather up some lunch and enjoy it on the deck, in the sun, surrounded by the incredible Tyrrhenian Sea.

Watch as Napoli disappears in the background, then turn your attention to the little island ahead. Boats of all shapes, sizes and crew size (!) will begin to zip around, in and out of the tiny ‘port’, (called Marina Grande!) spy sun bakers and fisher people on board.

Get ready for some bustle….


Arriving in Capri

Island of Capri Italy Sea View

After alighting from the ferry, be prepared to be caught up in the scrum of holiday makers seeking an island adventure, and the sellers of tours, trips and sea side sanctuaries trying to overpower you!

It is possible to book online before the perfect bay side bar, many include the ubiquitous umbrella and sun lounger, plus beach access, and the option to rent sea side accessories, the likes of beach balls, blow up floating sun loungers, and more.

Although there is a public beach, with no entrance charge, a much more luxurious experience is what Capri offers, so to try to get to a private beach bar.

Extra excitement is in the opportunity to take more transport - a speed boat to your exclusive destination! You'll soon discover why this is one of the most beautiful European islands.


What to Do in Capri

Bangi Tiberio (Beach Club), Capri

Once you reach Capri, settle into your movie worthy surrounds. The sea of Capri is heavy and deliciously salty, and most beach bars have the added feature of boats zipping past, creating a continuous movement of water.

Relax, floating casually in the sea, watch as birds bob on the waves, enjoy the incredible contrast of blue water and rugged, cliff like shore line.

Of course, this chunky island landscape ought to be explored, in fact some special heaven-on-earth spots can be discovered after a climb or funicular (chair lift) ride, however, this trip is a one day trip, enjoy it in the sea while it lasts!

Next time come for the overland experience. Today, you are a luxuriating movie star on a sun lounger, on a well deserved island break, soaking up as much southern Italian sun you can. You'll see why this is one of the best romantic destinations in Italy.

So, still more time after the sun has gone down, and you're through with being submerged in the Tyrrhenian? Head off to your beach bar’s restaurant, for an early dinner. It must be an early dinner, because there is still the speed boat, ferry and train back to Roma.

Enjoy a fresh seafood dish or classic Italian Caprese salad, it is important to fill up after a day in the sea!

Watch as the sun sets over the beautiful island surrounds, imagine how many people, from ancient Roman times to recent royalty, to current film stars, would have maybe seen the same enchanting sight, and breathe, yes, your day has been perfect in Capri, and this is the time to say goodbye, arriverdeci! For now.


Departing Back to Rome

Jump onto your speed boat back to the port of Capri, shuffle onto your ferry back to Napoli with perhaps a tear in your eye at the sadness of leaving paradise, and settle in. Capri will remain, just has it has for millennia, and it will be there next time you should want a whirlwind, day trip adventure.

The dream will continue on the train back to Roma, could Capri really have just happened?

Hopefully, the scent of the Tyrrhenian salt remains on your person, so a little bit of Capri magic will travel back to the city with you. And then make plans for the next island get away…


By Jade Rudnyckyj


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