Consisting of 25 interconnected buildings and spanning 4 city blocks, this epic NYC institution receives around five million visitors every year from all over the world. The museum is a big hit among visitors and locals alike for its matchless collections and landmark exhibitions.


Address & Getting There

  • Central Park West at 79th Street, Manhattan
  • Best Way to Get There: Catch the B or C subway train to 81st St./Museum Of Natural History
  • Opening Hours: Open daily from 10am - 5:45 pm (except on Thanksgiving and Christmas)
  • Phone Number: 212-769-5100


Top Attractions

Here is a list of attractions to visit at the American Museum of Natural History:  


1. The Milstein Hall of Ocean Life

Explore ocean life and experience the drama of the undersea world. Marvel at the sight of over 750 sea creatures and gain a deeper understanding of aquatic life. The biggest attraction in the Hall is the 94-foot-long and 21,000-pound model of a blue whale which is suspended from the ceiling.


2. The Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites

Boost your knowledge about the solar and planetary systems and return back enlightened. The Hall shines light over  evolution and formation of the planets and the sun. Here, you get to see over 130 scientifically important meteorites and have a peek at the rocky space fragments.  


3. Fossil Halls 

A visit to AMNH is incomplete unless you visited its famed series of fossil halls. Get to see and admire the world’s largest collection of dinosaur fossils. The major draw is surely the 122-foot-long cast of a dinosaur species which is as  unnamed by scientists.


4. The Human Origins and Cultural Halls

There can’t be a better place than this Hall to widen your knowledge about the evolutionary story of the human family. Plus, you travel the world through artifacts and examine cultures across regions. From Asia, Africa, North America, South America and the Pacific, here you can get insight into the cultures of  places around the world.      


5. Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth

See and revel in the sight of the Dynamic Earth Globe. You would certainly enjoy  seeing the earth from an alien’s POV. The Hall has videos to let you know more about clouds, oceans and continents.   


6. The Hall of African Mammals 

This Hall takes up two floors to showcase its wares and leave you amazed. A parade of African elephants is the major draw and a hit among kids. These animals look detailed and authentic to the core adding to your overall experience.    


7. The Hall of Northwest Coast Indians

The place brings to you a huge anthropological collection exploring human origins and peoples from the Pacific Northwest. The Hall delights the senses for its artistic depth and collection of art in every shape, size and color.  


8. The Butterfly Conservatory

Enjoy the sight of over 500-plus butterflies from all parts of the world. This conservatory, however, is open from September through May only. 


Top Recommendations

  • Some exhibitions will require an extra fee but some tourist sightseeing passes include this in the price
  • There are daily guided museum tours which are free 
  • Avoid peak days like Saturday to avoid crowds
  • The gift shop is amazing and a great place to buy a unique present


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