1. Maps

Of course, google maps is one of the best tools you can use whilst travelling. Gone are the days where you walk around the city with a large foldout map feeling utterly lost! Whether you plan your route on the WiFi before you leave the hotel or use your phone to help you navigate. Using maps is now an essential tool for all travellers looking to explore on their own. If you don’t have internet access whilst out and about why not download maps on your phone to use when offline? There’s always an easy way to find your way around with online maps.


2. Time Zone Calculator

If you are travelling frequently it may be hard to know where you will be at what time especially when changing time zones. By using this time zone calculator gmt you can work out the time difference before your flights or plan what time it will be in your destination for your planned activities or meet ups. You can also predict if you will be feeling jet lagged and set some time aside and plan some remedies to help you get on with your trip.


3. Language Tools

Sometimes you need a bit of help with conversations whilst travelling and your attempts at speaking the language will go down well with the locals. Whether you want to learn a language proper or just learn a few words to get by there are online tools that can help. Perhaps you’d like to learn a language using tools such as Duolingo. Or maybe you just need to translate a few words from signs or a menu for which you can use Google translate or Linguee language dictionary. 


4. Meetups

There are a few different sites and apps that enable travellers to meet up in different locations around the world. You might want to find like minded people to meet and try activities together or just ask for some local advice and knowledge. Meetup.com is one of the most popular online tools but there’s also apps such as Travelpal or Travello. You can also meet for lunch or be invited to dinner in a hosts home. If you are looking for places to stay with fellow travellers or fun locals there’s also couch surfer too.


5. Review Sites

We have all heard of TripAdvisor and you’ll probably already be checking reviews before you book. But whilst you are away review sites are an excellent way to quickly check a restaurant or activity before you choose where to go or what to do. You can also find the best places to eat and drink near to your location without too much effort! As well as TripAdvisor, there’s also responsibletravel.com and oyster.com amongst others. Beware for fake reviews so try to find honest and trustworthy websites like the above.


6. News Websites

Keep up to date on the go. Websites like SkyNews, F9news and 4besnews offer latest information with everything you need to know about the corona virus and world news.


There’s so much out there these days to help you to travel easily and in the way that best suits you. These are just a few different websites and apps that can help you on your way whilst travelling. Which tools do you use to make your travel life easier? Are there any you have discovered to add to this list? Leave a comment below.