It’s the creme de la creme for high school leavers. But if you’re planning a getaway please take into consideration packing the following things...


1. A good backpack

When traveling around Europe it is important to have a backpack which is comfy and perfect for the type of trip you are going in search of. There are lots of different backpacks available so choose carefully and remember that the cheapest isn’t necessarily always the best option. 


2. A sleeping bag

You never know when you could end up needing to use this and believe me it is worth the effort going to, to carry round for several weeks when the hostel your find yourself in makes it more attractive an answer to camp in your portable bed. Search sleeping bags on Amazon.


3. Wet wipes

There are very few people that will recall going through an experience relatable to camping or backpacking and thinking ‘I’m glad I never carried those wet wipes.’

The durability and versatility of the wet wipe is mind blowing and it's almost a 100% guarantee that at one point on the trip you will find yourself noticing how a wet wipe would suffice.


4. A pay as you go sim

Tesco mobile currently have a deal on being able to use your pay as you go sim with Tesco Mobile in 31 European countries just as you would at home.

This in conjunction with their triple credit means by topping up by 15 pounds worth of credit, you have access to credit, and an extra bundle including minutes,texts or data.

When travelling abroad most are aware of the insane data costs that you can incur. So by having 500 MB free to use on things such as Google Maps abroad at no extra cost can be a life saver, simply by topping up by a litte amount. 


5. A document travel holder

This to those who love stationery and organisation may seem like a dream come true. With separate sections for documents, tickets and a passport this is the ideal way of being able to quickly produce any document for any occasion. Search travel document holders on Amazon.


6. Travel insurance

This is one of the key things that develop with maturity and age, yet if you are planning on going away with either your significant other, a friend or simply prefer one's own company, make sure you have what you need for your trip and do not leave it to the responsibility of others.

There's been many occasion of breakups and fall outs that lead to higher expenses when pride overcomes the need to ask for the boarding pass.

Just incase anything goes wrong, it is important to be covered. 


Remember... Always Have a Smile

This may seem near impossible at 3:30 in the morning in a climate humid enough when coming from the British Isles to be the Amazon Rainforest, yet it is only Rome.

But at the end of the day this may result in a taxi shared between new friends that brings the fair from 50 euros to 15. Or allows for the sharing of a seven hour train journey which makes border crossings that close in at almost 2 hours that bit more bearable.

You never know how bus journeys at peculiar hours of the morning show how people share friendships that last not only the duration of a trip, but by smiling through it they can last the distance.


By Anastasia Towers


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