Find out everything you need to know about sports in Canada, from the championships and events you shouldn't miss in 2024, to the most popular sports, the biggest teams and the most impressive stadiums.


Maple Leaf Luck: A Beginner's Guide to Canadian Betting

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Sports betting is legal in Canada and it is a popular form of entertainment. You can bet online and in-person throughout the country. 

Each province regulates gambling and each region has its own set of rules. In most regions of Canada, like Quebec, Alberta, and Manitoba, you can gamble as soon as you're 18 years old. In the rest of Canada, though, you need to be 19.

View our guide to the best sports events and championships to watch below.


1. Ice Hockey

Toronto Maple Leafs Scotiabank Arena

Ice hockey is the national sport of Canada and the most popular sport in the country. Every year teams in the National Hockey League (NHL) in both Canada and the United States compete for the prestigious Stanley Cup.

The NHL season usually runs from the start of October through to May and the main season is followed by the playoffs where 16 teams compete against each other, with the winner being crowned Stanley Cup Champions.

Canada has 7 teams in the NHL, incuding Montreal Canadians, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames, Ottawa Senators, and Winnipeg Jets.

In 2023 the Vegas Golden Knights won the prestigious trophy, and this year it is set to be even more competitive.

The Stanley Cup Finals are set to be played in June 2024.


2. Basketball

Toronto Raptors Scotiabank Arena

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional basketball league in North America and one of the most well known sports around the world. The league has 30 teams, 29 in the United States and 1 in Canada - the Toronto Raptors.

The regular NBA season began on October 24, 2023, and will end on April 14, 2024.

There used to be the Grizzlies who played in Vancouver from 1995 to 2001, but they moved to Memphis. Since then, the Raptors based in Toronto are the only Canadian team in the NBA.

There are also 10 Canadian elite basketball league teams in the National Basketball League of Canada. This is lesser known than the NBA butt it still has a strong following locally. The CEBL Championship Weekend takes place in August of 2024 with four CEBL teams, including host team Montréal Alliance competing for the coveted CEBL Championship.


3. Baseball

Toronto Blue Jays Stadium - Roger Centre

Major League Baseball is a professional baseball organization. One of the major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada, MLB comprises 30 teams, divided equally between the National League and the American League, with 29 in the United States and 1 in Canada.

There is currently one Major League Baseball (MLB) team, the Toronto Blue Jays, founded in 1977. Canada's first MLB team, the Montreal Expos, formed in 1969 and relocated to Washington, D.C., in 2005. Around 75 Canadian communities have been home to Minor League Baseball teams.

All 30 MLB clubs are will start playing on Opening Day (Thursday, March 28), and the regular season wraps up on Sunday, Sept. 29. The 2024 World Series will be held following the end of the regular season at the end of September and start of October.


Most Popular Sports of Canada

  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Lacrosse
  • Curling
  • Baseball
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Golf
  • Canadian Football
  • Tennis


Biggest Sports Teams in Canada

  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Toronto Blue Jays
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • Montreal Canadiens
  • Calgary Flames
  • Ottawa Senators
  • Toronto Raptors
  • Toronto Argonauts
  • Toronto FC
  • Vancouver Canucks


10 Largest Sports Stadiums In Canada

Canada has some of the best sports stadiums in the world, and these are the largest based on capacity.

1. Commonwealth Stadium,  Edmonton, Alberta - 56,302
2. Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Quebec - 56,040
3. BC Place, Vancouver, British Columbia - 54,500
4. Rogers Centre, Toronto, Ontario - 41,500
5. McMahon Stadium, Calgary, Alberta - 35,400
6. Mosaic Stadium, Regina, Saskatchewan - 33,350
7. IG Field, Winnipeg, Manitoba - 33,134
8. BMO Field, Toronto, Ontario - 27,980
9. TD Place Stadium, Ottawa, Ontario - 24,000
10. Tim Hortons Field, Hamilton, Ontario - 23,218


Canada is such an amazing country to watch live sports either on tv or live in person. Go experience the atmosphere of a match day for yourself.