Top 6 Things to Do in Toronto

Top 6 Things to Do in Toronto

Toronto is no doubt near the top of most people’s lists when looking to travel to Canada. This is Canada's largest city and it has become one of the most tourist hotspots in North America.

A go-to destination for tourists worldwide with positive reviews and tourists tend to visit it more than once after their first visit.

Toronto welcomes diversity. Canadians’ laid-back and polite attitude make it a fantastic travel destination for families travelling with children. Toronto being a tourist hotspot is a truly multicultural land with rich ethnic and cultural diversity. This diversity results in a huge metropolis with a wide range of attractions, ranging from historic buildings to well-known annual events.

The city has attractive residential buildings including high-rise condos. You might want to rent an appartment or Airbnb in Toronto so you can maximize your time in Canada and stay longer. In essence, there are entertaining, intriguing, remarkable, and exciting things to do in Toronto all year.

If you are visiting Toronto for the first time these are the top things to see and do.


1. Experience The Amazing Culture

Toronto offers a unique cultural mix like no other place in the world. You could stroll around the iconic Distillery District, a Victorian-era structure with pedestrian-only cobblestone alleys lined with stores, cafes, restaurants, galleries, and theaters. For more cultural exposure you can dive into Toronto’s largest supermarkets - Kensington Market and St. Lawrence Market.

You can find tons of vintage stores filled with retro vintage designs items that date back to the 19th century. From a tourist’s point of view, Canada is a good country to go backpacking and take the much needed break from hectic life. Toronto’s cultural diversity attracts many backpackers throughout the year.


2. Go Sightseeing

Toronto's skyline is unlike any other city’s skyline. The best way to enjoy this skyline is from Lake Ontario. You could get a view of the skyline by taking a ferry and visit the Toronto Islands as well. In the last few decades, Toronto has seen an upsurge in the condos and real estate business in the city.

The rise of residential skyscrapers demonstrates the city's ability to attract residents back to its core. If you are looking to invest in a condo in Toronto, you could get all the information you need at Precondo. Now, this list will not be complete without mentioning the iconic CN building (553-meter). After a flight of two elevators, you reach the highest viewing area on the CN Tower known as Sky Pod at 447 meters.


3. Explore The Beaches And High Rise Buildings

Toronto is blessed with wonderful beaches, as seen by the surge in visitor traffic throughout the summer months. Some of the beaches you could visit are Sunnyside, Cherry Beach, Ward’s Island Beach, and Kew-Balmy Beach. Outdoor activities such as open water swimming, fishing, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding are available depending on which beach you visit. 


4. Visit And Relax At Parks

With all its natural landscape and vibrant environment, Toronto is also rich in wildlife conservation. Exploring some of the country's most famous parks and wildlife is at the top of many people's lists when planning a vacation to Toronto. Almost any excursion up north will provide you with opportunities to see animals that you won't see anyplace else. The nicest parks in Toronto include everything from kid-friendly areas with playgrounds to adult-friendly ones with biking and walking trails and even a beautifully constructed summer ice rink. Some famous parks you can visit in Toronto are Dufferin Grove Park and High Park.


5. Enjoy Exciting Nightlife

Toronto is full of life, whether it's day time or night. However, Toronto's nightlife is a magnet for amazing people, music enthusiasts, and gatherings. Toronto boasts a vibrant nighttime scene with plays, theater, and concerts. In the evenings, the Entertainment District comes alive and is a terrific area to go out and enjoy the nightlife. If you are looking forward to an unforgettable night in this dazzling city, you can visit Toronto nightlife hotspots like ‘The Drake Hotel’ or ‘Steam Whistle Brewery’.


6. Attend Vibrant Festivals

All year long Toronto hosts several festivals. The best festivals in Toronto mirror the city's soul. Let’s highlight some of them:

Toronto International Film Festival
This can be considered as the most internationally recognizable of all the Toronto festivals. This event brings you in close proximity to the biggest movie stars and movies. Directors and actors travel from all over the world to attend premieres and meet fans in Toronto. It is one of the rarest festivals that celebrate the audience rather than the critics.

NXNE (North by Northeast) is the longest-running music festival in Toronto. This annual music and arts festival is held every June in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The festival's main focus is live music, but it also includes an eSports gaming tournament, comedy, and a conversations series.

Hot Docs Festival
Long before the coming of Netflix or any other, this festival (Hot Docs) was discovering the best in documentary film and bringing it to screens all over Toronto. If you are looking for rare and authentic stories you will surely appreciate this event.


Although there are a lot more places to explore in Toronto as a tourist, we have highlighted the best activities to dowhen visiting for the first. time. Toronto really is a unique destination, you will see your interest go up once you explore. No doubt people come to visit it more than once since there is always more. If you would like to see more of this country search tours of Canada.

Have you ever been to Toronto? Got any first timer tips? Let us know in the comments section below.