Hungary tourism has boomed in the last decade and receives around fifty million international tourists every year. Most are drawn to the capital city Budapest, but there are so many other places worth adding to your Hungary travel itinerary.

One of the most appealing reasons to visit Hungary is the great value for money available on hotels, sightseeing and transport. You can spend weeks here for the price of a weekend city in Western European cities like Paris and London.   

Check out our guide to the essential places to visit in Hungary and start planning an amazing trip today.


Top Tourist Attractions in Hungary

Whenever you visit a new country, it’s always a good idea to visit the most popular places. This will give you an insight about the country and help you see famous locations which you've probably seen in social media photos and videos. 

When planning a trip to Hungary for the first time be sure to add these activities to your itinerary. Our list starts with the most popular and well-known destination in the country, Budapest, and then gives you inspiration for places to see if you want to venture out to see more of the country.


1. Swim in the Szechenyi Baths

The Szechenyi Baths are the biggest and most popular of all the thermal baths in Budapest and one of the most iconic postcard pictures you'll see when shopping for souvenirs. This really is a unique destination which is open all year round.


2. Get a Photo of the Buda Castle, Budapest

This UNESCO World Heritage site features an 18th-century castle built on the site of a destroyed palace. So much history oozes through its walls. And during your tour, you will learn about the Ottoman Empire siege that took place in the 17th century and the events that followed.

Did we mention it has a picturesque symmetrical layout that looks good on photos and videos? You will immediately understand why this stunning structure is one of the most photographed destinations in Hungary.

Also if you are looking to visit Budapest on a budget, these attraction is totally free to see.


3. Go Shopping at Great Market Hall, Budapest

You’re likely wondering how a market made it to this list. But before discounting it, let’s paint a picture. This market, which lies in a neogothic structure, features multiple floors and is home to almost everything you ever need.

You can eat at the cafés, buy souvenirs, sample the fruits in the market, and even buy some care items. And because of the buzz in the market, you will likely spend hours immersed in the Hungarian culture as you pick and prod at different things.

It’s a great way to understand Hungarian cuisine too.


4. See Sunset Over the Danube River

While this river flows through Hungary, viewing it in Budapest gives you its best side. It separates the city in two, and if you are by the bridge during sunset, you will fall in love with the calm it sets upon the city.

Many people romanticize sunsets. But once you have seen the sunset over this river with the backdrop of boats and locals, you will appreciate just how beautiful sunsets can be. Even better, you can embark on a river cruise where you can somehow follow the sunset as you gaze at the Visegrád Mountains.


5. Watch Live Sport at the Puskás Aréna, Budapest

If you are a sports fan this is for you.

Locals in Hungary are very passionate about the national sport - football. There are lots of big teams in Hungary, including Ferencváros, Györi ETO, MOL Fehérvár and Puskás FC Hungary.

If you time your trip right, try to watch the national team play at the Puskás Aréna, a huge 67,000 capacity stadium with an amazing atomsphere on matchdays.

After a game, go enjoy the amazing Budapest nightlife, there are so many bars and clubs. If you like gambling there are also luxurious casinos in places like Budapest, Sopron, Gyor, Debrecen, and Nyiregyhaza


7. Get Lost in History in Debrecen

Debrecen is a great destination if you have an interest in history or architecture. Located in the Northern Great Plain region, there are lots of museums and buildings to see including the19th-century Reformed Church, the Museum of the Reformed College and the Déri Museum.


8. Relax at the Miskolctapolca Cave Bath, Miskolc

Do you fancy some pampering in nature? This thermal spa bath with a constant temperature of 30 degrees Celsius should make it to your itinerary.

You get to wade into a natural cave where the water surrounds you, easing the pressure on your muscles and giving you that relaxation you crave. And because the water is rich in minerals, your skin will thank you days or weeks later. You can couple the bath with a spa treatment for an unforgettable experience.


9. Unwind at Beautiful Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton is an unmissable destination in Hungary, and one of the hidden gems of Europe. It’s a major holiday destination with beaches, volcanic hills, resort towns and high-rise hotels along its 197km shoreline.

The hilly north shore is a wine-growing region, with protected wetlands and hiking trails at Balaton Uplands National Park. The town of Veszprém has a walled Castle district, and 13th-century frescoes at the Gizella Chapel.



Other Popular Destinations

If you have a more flexible schedule you might like to also add these towns and cities to your Hungary road trip itinerary:

  • Eger
  • Pécs
  • Szeged
  • Szentendre
  • Esztergom
  • Sopron
  • Győr
  • Hévíz
  • Siófok


Tips How to Make the Most of Your Trip

Hungary has so many unique spots that hitting them all may not be feasible. So, how can you create lasting memories?

• Research all the top tourist destinations and list places you would like to visit and things you want to do. You can also look up underrated places, as you may find some gems. Make a list of the places and activities you would like to do in order of their importance - this can help you to decide what to do.
• Create an itinerary and find a way to fit the most important activities.
• Leave room for spontaneity. Filling your itinerary can rob you of the chance to hop on adventures that present themselves along the way.
• Don’t worry too much about seeing everything. Instead, focus on being present at each destination you get to cover. That is more rewarding than being everywhere and not experiencing any beauty around you. You will always have the opportunity to return in future.


Plan a Break to Hungary Today

Hungary really is one of the top destinations to see in Europe, and there really is a lot more to see other than just Budapest. Start planning your next break today and discover one of the hidden gems, and also best value for money destinations on the continent.