That said, it is safe to say that Gozo is slowly but surely stepping out of Malta’s shadow as it has been a key holiday destination among the Maltese population for decades now.

In fact, a lot of Maltese families have holiday homes there, and thanks to its tranquil setting and climate, it is also fast becoming a tourist destination of note. 

If you’re thinking of visiting Gozo anytime soon, read on to find amazing things to do in Gozo and also what you can expect to enjoy once you get there...


1. Take in the Scenery

A lot of the Gozitan charm can be attributed to its beautiful landscape, where the scenery is so diverse that there is literally something new to explore at each turn.

On the one hand you have beautiful cliffs that serve as a striking backdrop to the stunning coastline, as well as picturesque vineyards with a rural setting that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Whatever you do, be sure to explore Gozo on foot as much as you can, and chat with the locals to learn more about the fascinating history behind each area. 


2. Book a Fun Tuk-tuk Tour

Gozo Tuktuk Tour

As any seasoned expat will tell you, the best way to get around Gozo is to take a Tuk Tuk Tour. Not only is the Tuk Tuk the most cost effective mode of transport, but it’s also fast and effective, because then you don’t have to spend time in Maltese traffic, which can be crazy, to say the least!


3. Experience Culinary Bliss

If you’re on some type of restrictive diet, then you can expect to break all the rules once you’re in Gozo.

In fact, every day will be a cheat day thanks to the scrumptious local fare which is peppered all throughout the island, from the small food stalls along the road to the finest dining restaurants in the harbor.

Food in Malta is amazing, everything is made fresh and made with love, as Gozitans place a lot of emphasis on farm-to-table cooking, so you’ll be able to enjoy and experience Gozitan culture more through your stomach than you will in any other way.

Plus, the locals are even friendlier when sharing conversation over a hearty meal and a glass of locally produced wine.


4. Take a Relaxing Swim or Go Scuba Diving

What to do in Gozo

The swimming and scuba diving in Gozo is absolutely superb. Whether it’s the clarity or warmth of the water I don’t know, but there is just something infinitely relaxing about taking a dip in the beautiful waters that frame this picturesque island.

As with any location, Gozo does have a star-attraction beach and it’s called The Blue Lagoon. What sets this beautiful bay apart from the rest is its serene looking grottoes which are best explored by boat. In between, you’ll find plenty of hidden beaches and stunning swimming spots to catch up on your tan while reading a steamy summer novel. 

If you are keen for a scuba diving holiday in Malta then Gozo is your destination, there are great value courses and trips available to book all year round.


5. Visit Victoria

Gozo, Victoria

Victoria is not only the capital city of Gozo and one one of the best places to visit in Malta home to beautiful architecture and it has a very unique character that is a charming reflection of its people, who endearingly refer to it as ;Rabat.

Although small, there is plenty to see and do in Victoria, and you can easily go through the entire city in a single day. Just be sure to fuel up in between stops to keep your energy levels up, as you’ll be doing a lot of walking throughout your excursion.

Of course, the best spot for some good coffee and a quick snack has to be the offbeat Jubilee which is located off the main square. What makes Jubilee so special is the fact that it’s made up of three local restaurants, which serve fresh and authentic Maltese food, most of which is prepared according to ages old family recipes.

While you’re in Victoria, make it a point to see some of the noteworthy monuments such as the Basillica as well as the Citadel, aka the Citadella as the locals call it.


6. Stay at a Farmhouse

One of the best places to stay while you’re in Gozo is in one of the farmhouses, especially if you’re visiting with a group of friends or with your family.

Not only is renting out a farmhouse cheaper than staying at a hotel, but it’s the best way to truly experience the laid back Gozitan lifestyle.

Most come with fully-equipped kitchens and are close to all amenities, owing to the fact that Gozo is a small island after all.

So, on days when you’re not exploring the island, you can just relax by the pool, barbecue and dine al fresco in a private outdoor area that you won’t have to share with strangers like you would if you were staying at a hotel or resort.


7. Enjoy the Easy & Slow Pace of Life

Gozo things to do

The pace of life in Gozo is very slow, which is very refreshing for anyone that’s coming from the hustle and bustle of big city life.

The Gozitans pretty much pride themselves on taking things easy and leading a worry-free lifestyle and you can’t really blame them.

I mean, with the type of pleasant climate they have to enjoy, it only makes sense to approach life with delightful ease, and once you visit Gozo you too will return home with a sense of ease and relaxation.

Check out this guide for essential things to do in Malta if you need more inspriation.


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