If you are researching a trip to Fiji and wondered if there is more to do than sunbathing view our list of of the most incredible things you can do.


1. Island Hop

Go island hopping - join tours or hitch a ride with locals - nowhere in the world compares to Fiji! You will get to see nature, wildlife and chat with friendly locals learning more about the history of the country and the inhabitants.


2. Go in Search of the Best Beach

Seek out the best beach, there are so many to choose from where there is white sand and pristine clear waters make Fiji one of the most spectacular destinations in the world!

Get lots of pictures to make your friends and family jealous. Take lots of sunscreen though this destination hot!


3. Travel to Beachcomber Island

Chill out on Beachcomber island which is a small island and is as close to paradise as you'll get.


4. Swim!

Get active and go swimming or snorkelling - expect crystal clear oceans where you can see fish and other marine creatures


5. Go Diving

Learn to scuba dive in Fiji - not many destinations compare to Fiji and there are lots of dive resorts offering beginners and advanced courses. Fiji is one of the best countries in the world to go diving because the waters are so clear.


6. Sailing

Join a sailing trip - this is so relaxed, meet new travellers and mist with locals onboard a sailing trip around the islands


7. Go Skydiving

Skydiving? Fiji? YES! Not many people think of Fiji as an adventure destination but you can go sky diving here


8. Kayak or Parasail

Seeking adventure? Head to the ocean and you can arrange kayaking and parasailing trips


9. Give Back

Apply to volunteer in Fiji! This is a great way to help marine and conservation based programs. You can make a difference - be more than just a tourist


10. Book a Bus Tour

Does Fiji have buses? Yes. This is an easy way to meet new people and find people to hang out with


11. Mix with Locals

Learn more about the local culture, integrate with locals and enjoy a night out Fijian style where there is live music on most nights throughout the week


Most of these activities are water based and as Fiji is made up of spectacular islands its really not like many places in the world.


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