This is one of the most popular places to visit in the United Kingdom and there are so many great attractions and wonderful sights to see.

Testimony of its popularity as a tourist destination are the number of hotels in Cambridge with options for all budgets meaning this city is accessible for everyone.

Out top recommendations for some of the top things to do and places to see on a visit to the ‘city of perspiring dreams’, as Cambridge is jocularly referred to include:


1. Enjoy a Picnic at any of its Wonderful Parks

The town is well known for its lush green open spaces and parks. There are several such wonderful public spaces spread all over town and they make for a great picnic spot on a sunny day. Pack a lunch basket and head straight to a park to spend a leisurely afternoon, soaking up the Sun!    


2. Hire a Bike

There are plenty of natural trails that are perfect to explore on a bike. Hire a bike and spend a leisurely afternoon biking and enjoying the wonderful attractions and natural beauty in Cambridge. 


3. Try the Sport of Punting

Cambridge Punting

One of the most popular traditional pastimes in Cambridge is the sport of punting. These flat-bottomed boats are a great way to spend the afternoon punting on the scenic Cam River, while enjoying the beautiful scenery all around. 


4. Visit Cambridge University

Kings College Cambridge

The iconic University of Cambridge comprises of 31 colleges. It is out of the most famous universities in the world and a tour of its famous grounds is not to be missed. Go on a walking tour of the grounds and take in the beautiful sights and sounds that are to be found all around the place. 


5. Try a Tipple at a Pub

Visit any of lovely pubs in Cambridge, enjoy a pint of refreshing beer and try some of their famous pub grub. Many of these spots are patronised by the famous scholars who study at Cambridge, so you will be in hallowed company. 


6. Explore Famous Chapels and Churches

Kings College Chapel, Cambridge

Some of the most impressive chapels and churches are to be found in Cambridge. There is St. Peter’s Chapel that dates back to the 12th century and is the smallest church in town.

St. Mary the Great is the university church and is the focal point from which all distances are measured in the town. And do not miss an opportunity to take a tour of the iconic King’s College Chapel that is the epitome of English craftsmanship at its finest. 


7. Take a Cambridge Food Tour

When you set out on a walking tour of Cambridge, you will have an opportunity to scout some of the best places to eat in town. These include delis, pubs, specialty shops fish-and-chips shops etc.    


8. Spend the Afternoon Shopping

Cambridge is a lovely place to shop with a wide variety of options to choose from. From rare antiques, high street brands or local street markets, it is all covered here. Whatever your taste you are sure to find something to your liking.  


Plan a Trip to Cambridge

Whether you are looking for a city break to see world famous tourist attractions or looking for a day trip from London, you really need to consider a visit to Cambridge.


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