There are so many things to do in Dubai, but as well as luxurious resorts, restaurants and tourist attractions, Dubai is famous for Dhow Cruises. These are traditional dhow boats turned into restaurants which are now one of the most popular things to do in city.

Dubai Dhow Cruises offer plenty of events especially for families and couples. Dhow Cruises are also traditionally designed which gives an incredible view of Dubai’s skyline. Dhow Cruise journey offers extraordinary views of Burj Khalifa, Dubai Festival City, Dubai Water Canal, Dubai Waterfall, National Bank of Dubai, The Chamber of Commerce and Marina Dubai. All of these places look stunning at night and their views are worth watching.

You will get to visit some of the best destinations in Dubai, enjoy dinner under the day/night sky, choose between a variety of meals, complimented with drinks and desserts. Arabic and Jazz Music adds beauty to the atmosphere and makes it more lively and entertaining.

Live shows, music and events are also conducted in some of the Dhow Cruises in Dubai. These cruises are one of the best ways for families and couples to enjoy quality time and something unique to Dubai.

The experience will definitely be relaxing, enjoyable and you'll get to see some of the most beautiful Dubai scenery along the way. Prices are also affordable, making Dhow Cruises are of the best ways to experience Dubai on a budget.

If you are planning a trip to Dubai, be sure to include a Dhow Cruise journey in your itinerary, these are some of the best options to consider.


1. Marina Royal Dinner Dhow Cruise

This Dubai Dhow Cruise takes you to an amazing two hour journey through Dubai Marina and is also passed by Bluewaters Island of Dubai. The journey is not only famous for its exceptional views but also its delicious food served.

There is a great variety of food choices available and is complimented with a soothing texture of Dubai’s flavours. Arabic Music is played in the background which completes the atmosphere. Experience the warm and ambient atmosphere full of relaxation and wonderful meals.

  • Location: Dubai Marina Royal
  • Timing: 7pm-9pm
  • Fees: INR 8,574 or UAE Dirham 412.57


2. Luxury Canal Dinner Cruise

This is an extraordinary two hour cruise which passes through Burj Khalifa, Dubai Festival City, Dubai Water Canal, Dubai Waterfall and Tolerance Bridge.

The journey is relaxing and beautiful, which is served with an international buffet. The journey is full of entertainment offered with the best services. Jazz music in the background makes the atmosphere more lively and beautiful. Enjoy and experience the best dinner while witnessing beautiful views and city vibes.

  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Timing: 2 hours
  • Fees: INR 4,427 or UAE Dirham 213.02


3. Dhow Cruise Dinner With Entertainment

A beautiful three hour journey in the traditional dhow which passes through Dubai Creek, Emaar Beachfront, Deira Old Souk Abra Station and Dhow Cruise Dubai.

This evening with dhow cruise will give you a taste of tanoura dance, live music and traditional vibes. The food is available in great variety in the form of a buffet. Served under the moonlight while passing through beautiful views and experiencing colored nightlife.

  • Location: Ayal Nasser - 16th St - Deira - Dubai
  • Timing: 3 hours
  • Fees: INR 4,578 or UAE Dirham 220.34


4. Creek Classic Dinner Dhow Cruise

Be a part of the two hour cruise journey passing through The National Bank of Dubai, The Chamber of Commerce and many more wonderful sights.

The cruise is traditionally built and showcases the old as well as modern side of Dubai. This place offers you a luxury meal in variety served with complimentary drinks of your choice. Enjoy and experience the cultural view of Dubai in Dhow Cruise while sitting under the sky.

  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Timing: 2 hours
  • Fees: INR 5,572 or UAE Dirham 268.12


5. Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

A memorable four hour journey which offers best views of Atlantis Hotel, Palm Hotel, Marina Dubai and Jumeirah.

This cruise will give you traditional vibes of Dubai and a very calm and relaxing environment. Dinner would be served in a variety of meals along with fruits, unlimited soft drinks, coffee, tea and desserts.

The whole journey is best suitable for a romantic dinner as well as for spending time with your family. Experience the traditional vibes and enjoy amazing food.

  • Location: Dubai Marina Mall
  • Timing: 8pm-12am
  • Fees: INR 5,724 or UAE Dirham 275.43