There are so many places to visit in Turkey, from the capital Istanbul, to the spectacular beaches of Antayla.

While planning a trip to Turkey, there are two places which shouldn't be overlooked - Kalkan and Mersin.

Here is why you should visit Kalkan and Mersin, and the top things to do in both locations.



The elegant town of Kalkan is centrally located in ancient Lycian religion. A large variety of amazing restaurants and hotels offering great ambience and delicious foods can be found on this spectacular location.

If you are an environment friendly traveller, Kalkan is meant for you due to the presence of greenery and strict environmental rules and regulations.

The extensive stretch of the Mediterranean and Taurus mountains let the travelers enjoy the splendid views, by leaving all their worries aside for some time. If you are obsessed with classical locations, making a visit to Tlos, Pinara , Xanthos, Letoon, Myra, Phaselis Olympos and Aspendos is certainly going to make your visit worth enough.

If you are planning something special for your spouse, you can organize a candlelit dinner by giving mere instructions to the hotel staff. What can be more wonderful than spending a fabulous evening with your loved ones on the roof tops and enjoying the splendid views, in the presence of versatile music.

If you are planning to spend the trip with your family, relatives and friends, Kalkan provides you with various spacious and attractive villas. No matter, whether you are an environment lover, historical enthusiast or a mere fun lover, you will certainly find excuses to visit this beautiful place more and more.



Mersin, Turkey

Mersin, situated on the eastern Mediterranean coastline of Turkey, is considered to be its entrepreneurial centre. It is counted as one of the supreme shipping harbours of Turkey.

If you are more on the spiritual sides, the Great Mosque, located on the square of Gumruk Meydani, should be visited for seeing the best Ottoman architectural skills. It appears to be a favorite place for the pilgrims who visit every year to receive the choicest blessings of the almighty.

An incredible stone house named The Ataturk House is the best museum where you can find the ancient belongings and possessions of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

While planning a trip to Mersin, you can find lavish provisions for accommodation purposes. One of the reputed hotels named Hilton can be preferred for staying purposes. The amazing customer service, delicious meals and spacious bed rooms are provided to add a spark to your trip.

The properly maintained city of Olba Diocaesarea can be visited to take a wide look on Roman ruins. The availability of ferries becomes successful in drawing the attention of the people who love to feel the cool wind.


In a nutshell, it can be said that you can't miss these two places when touring Turkey