Turkey is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and its easy to see why. This country is the crossroads of East and West has been a melting pot of great civilizations for thousands of years. There are lots of spectacular historic sites and a warm climate all year round. 


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Find inspiration for the best things to do if you would like to travel to Turkey.

  • Population - 73,500,000 (approx)
  • Capital - Ankara (population 5,000,000 approx)
  • Currency - Turkish Lira
  • Country Area - 783,500 km2
  • Language - Turkish + local languages
  • International Phone Code +90


Weather & Best Time to Visit Turkey

Winter generally runs from December, January, February and March which are the coldest months to visit. Here you can get flights and holidays at really cheap prices but don't expect to go swimming in the sea. The hottest months of the year are June, July, August and September where there is an average temperature of around 25 degree. At peak times it can go over 30 degrees so try to head to the Coast or get a hotel with a swimming pool during this time. May and October are also good times to visit Turkey especially if you are travelling with children, these two months are warm but not unbearably hot.



While you are preparing for a visit to the mystical land of culture and history, you would need some preparations including getting a visa which is the most important thing to get before you land in Turkey. If you are worried about the visa process, then an easy option is to get it done online. The visa for Turkey is provided by the Turkish Government and the rules and the norms would change according to the country you are coming from. 


Travelling in Turkey

Turkey, the land with rich history, scenic beaches, colorful markets places, ruins and heritage is a blend of historical culture and modernization. This perfect mixture makes this land even more mesmerizing and surreal. Walking down the streets of Turkey will make you feel like you are paving the same paths as men from thousands of years ago did. Yet you can see the natives using the latest gadgets and gizmos and maintaining their age old culture in perfect balance. 

There are so many cultural and historical places of interest to see:

  • Turkey has spectacular coastlines as it is surrounded by the Black, Mediterranean and Aegean seas, there are lots of beaches and resorts where you can relax
  • Be sure to visit some of the largest bazaars in the world and explore the ancient city of Istanbul was recently named 'World’s Hippest City'
  • Istanbul which was once known as Constantinople is one of the worlds most fascinating cities, here you will be able to haggle with street sellers and wonder the maze of alleyways. 
  • During summer Turkey can get really hot and humid, we highliy recommend visiting a waterpark which are located close to popular resorts
  • Visit Cappadocia and go for a hot air balloon ride
  • Explore an ancient city like Instanbul, there are photo opportunities around every corner and you will learn a lot about this history of Turkey
  • Turkey has a wealth of wildlife, you could take a camel ride or join a boat trip to see fish and other marine life like dolphins


Turkey Gap Year

Turkey is a popular destination in Europe, millions of people visit every year where you can experience culture, cuisine and tourist sights. There are so many places you can visit like Istanbul, Gallipoli and Cappadocia.


Turkey Travel Tips

  • It is advised to exchange money before arriving in Turkey this is to avoid being charge a fee from ATMs. You will find ATM's in most popular travel destinations, the euro and US dollar is accepted in some places
  • If you need any emergency help or assistance in Turkey you can call: Medical: 112 Police: 155 Fire: 110
  • Haggle for everything in markets you will be charged more as a tourist but there is room to get discounts. It is generally polite to leave a tip (usually 10%) in restaurants and some other places
  • Please remember Turkey is a Muslim country and dress sensibly when out in public
  • Avoid stroking stray cats and dogs
  • If you are not in an allincusive holiday and would like to save money on food there are los of superamrkets like Metro, Carrefour and Migros Türk. Here you will be able to buy a lot of international goods too



If you are searching for accommodation in Turkey, either year round or for your summer holidays, then you’re in for a treat. With so many resorts, hotels and hostels to choose from and a guarantee of gorgeously hot and sunny weather, it’s a good choice for a family holiday. Depending on the kind of holiday you and your family enjoy, it can be good to choose an all inclusive resort, as this takes away any stress surrounding meals - you can be sure there will be something for the kids - and means you can spend your time enjoying all the activities on offer. There are lots of resorts throughout the country offering you 3-5 star accommodation, all inclusive meals and clean and spacious rooms, as well as excellent pools, a short walk to the main tourist areas and some even have the beach only a few minutes away.




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