Financial Technology (FinTech) is one of the greatest revolutions in the financial markets, with technology that enhances or replaces traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial activities.

Investment in the FinTech sector is growing rapidly, and the FinTech industry, especially start-ups, faces technical, legal and regulatory challenges and unforeseen events.

Therefore, FinTech professionals need to have analytical and critical thinking skills to help them come up with creative solutions to such problems. This new Master's degree in FinTech provides the technical, financial literacy, and soft skills needed to build a career in the fast-growing financial technology arena.

As a graduate, you will have the knowledge and understanding you need to meet the evolving needs of your employer in a wide range of FinTech-related industries. 


Course Information

FinTech disrupts and changes trade. From mobile apps that put banking in your pocket to crypto currencies that are breaking traditional borders, we are witnessing a financial revolution. This master's course is your chance to be part of it.

Study with us and gain a deep knowledge of the business models and technologies that shape the global financial sector. 

You leave us a valuable job description that is sought after all over the world. We are ready to apply for senior positions in a variety of financial services companies, from innovative "disruptive" technology companies and start-ups to large banking institutions. 


FinTech Related Courses

There are several best fintech courses to choose from if you want to enter the financial technology industry:- 


FinTech Innovation Diploma  

This course gives an overview of FinTech's future, from crypto currencies to payment technology. This program allows candidates to explore a variety of financial technologies and learn how to adapt and use them in their careers. 

We will also introduce students to back-end innovations such as mobile money, tokenization and mobile wallets. In addition, students will learn how new payment technologies are changing B2B, C2C, and C2B payments. Learn about the evolution of crowd funding, funding through tokenization, and disruptive technologies in credit scoring. 

In this PG course, you'll learn how Robo-advisors and machine learning work in sync to make AI financially successful. 


PGDM for FinTech  

The financial markets are expected to grow by 22.7GR by 2025. In this two-year full-time program, you'll learn about the latest payment technologies, as well as innovations such as block chain, AI, crypto currencies, big data, the Internet of Things, and machine learning. 

The industry-specific curriculum is designed to provide FinTech's most profitable work opportunities. Students can choose their specialty according to their area of interest. The university also offers internships for FinTech start-ups and businesses. 

FinTech-focused financial PG will support the careers needed to enter the highly competitive world of FinTech. Virtual classroom training makes it easy to set up websites with industry leaders who can provide useful insights.  


How FinTech Revolutionizes Business 

Finance has long been at the forefront of innovation, but today IT companies and financial professionals are at the forefront of financial innovation.  

FinTech is revolutionizing the world of banking by offering easier and more popular payment options. This makes customers more likely to use mobile devices for purchases and allows businesses to adopt the right technology to optimize their sales. The advent of blockchain has had the greatest impact on the banking sector by creating the possibility of "smart contracts" for real-time monetary transactions. 

Fintech is also revolutionizing the way businesses tackle cybersecurity while increasing their online presence and seamlessly entering the world of online apps. Given that companies will continue to use online apps for the next few years and fully embrace mobile, it is clear that FinTech will play a key role in creating safer and more profitable business ventures.  


Benefits of Taking a FinTech Course or Degree

Let's take a look at some of the many benefits of taking the FinTech course that is recommended by the experts of TangoLearn. Therefore, it is important to keep up with these advances. FinTech certification is available not only to first-year students who do not have prior knowledge in this field but also to students who want to improve their existing knowledge and skills. 


No intermediary 

This technology automates almost every business process and eliminates the need for human intervention in basic tasks. As everything in the financial sector becomes computer-based, FinTech courses are essential to getting the most out of technology. 


Competitive advantage 

Learning FinTech will help you stand out from the crowd, especially in highly competitive markets. Understanding the business processes of the company you work for is certainly an asset. 


Job change 

Advance your career by learning the valuable skills most employers seek from potential candidates. The FinTech concept is so new that few people on the market have this certification. 


Practice will be perfect 

As with any other area of finance, learning FinTech takes time and effort. The course introduces the FinTech concept, but it is your job to practice and master the skills.