We have put together a list of the best alternative and quirky holiday options including some really unusual places to stay. This will be a welcome beak from your usual holiday experience!


1. Camping

Camping is a glorious alternative to hotels, especially during the sunnier months, and a great way to get back to nature!

Capture the imagination of your children, and take walking trails to find what animals you can spot in nearby woodlands. When night falls, head back to your campsite and roast marshmallows on an open fire as the starry night sky twinkles above you. 

Even if the weather is a little temperamental, camping doesn’t have to be the picture of muddy fields and damp tents, not when you go on a glamping UK break! There is a multitude of options from yurts to safari tents, which we will go into more detail below, to ensure you camp in style.


2. Eco Pods 

Ecopod near woodlands from Quality Unearthed.

If you’re after something a little quirky, why not try an eco-pod? Located in quiet and idyllic spots around the UK, this type of accommodation is perfect for couples looking for a romantic getaway.

With initiative designs, these cosy abodes are a dream for loved-up couples. With eco-friendly amenities, these are also the perfect way to show a little love for the environment. 


3. Log Cabins 

Log cabin in North Wales.

Log cabins are perfect if you are looking for a cosy retreat to the countryside.

There are many log cabins across the U.K, particularly in Wales, where you can discover the great outdoors in a multitude of outdoor pursuits, from mountain climbing to white water rafting.

Spend an energetic day out exploring what Wales has to offer, and then venture home to a soak in a warm hot tub or put your feet up next to a roaring fire. 


4. Food Trails

Selection of healthy food on table.

Comfort is not only found in log cabins but also in the activities you do on your holiday.

Find accommodation options that are near credited restaurants, pubs and even food festivals and markets. This alternative holiday option is the perfect way to indulge, particularly for those that love great food and sampling new dishes.

Feel inspired by the delicacies and dishes you try and bring back recipes to try at home. 


5. Treehouses 


Gain a whole new perspective on nature from the top of the treeline in your own treehouse. This type of holiday is a dream for children, as well as the young at heart.

Spot the neighbouring birds and the squirrels that dart from tree to tree, and embrace the morning sunrise as it trickles through the canopy. You are sure to feel on top of the world in your own luxury treehouse!


6. Wagons 

Wagons available around the UK for your holiday.

These cosy little wagons are great for couples who want to escape the hustle and bustle of reality and have a slower pace of life, even if it’s just for a couple of days.

Open the doors of your private onto spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and feel like the only people in the world. These charming abodes are a truly unique and intimate experience that allow you and your partner some quality time alone. 


7. Dog-Friendly  

Dog looks out of the window to the countryside on holiday.

Many holidays do not cater to allow your dog to come with you, and it can be a sad moment to say goodbye to your four-legged friend as you leave the home for your next adventure.

So, why deal with this heartbreak? Pack the family, including the dog, into the car and make your way to a glamping holiday to the countryside.

Your dog will be in their element with many fields to run and jump in and will help eliminate any separation anxiety or guilt. In addition, your family will treasure these whole family moments for a lifetime. 


8. Safari Tents


Camp in luxury in your own safari tent. Get all the benefits of camping without the backache of sleeping on the rock hard ground or the cramped conditions.

With luxurious interior design, copious amounts of space and all the amenities you could possibly need, your next family camping trip will be the best yet! 


9. Yurts

Yurt in a field, available from Quality Unearthed

Inspired by the intrepid explorers of Mongolia, yurts are becoming an increasingly popular accommodation option for adventurous travellers. If you’re yet to try out a yurt, then don’t miss out!

These spacious, open-planned and luxurious ‘tents’ are a great option for any couples out there looking for something a little different for their next holiday. Set in stunning locations and close to popular attractions, your holiday in a yurt will be one the best ventures of your life. 


10. Staycations 

Cornwall beach

Whilst the lure of far-away countries entice you to their white sands, there is nothing quite like exploring the country where you were born.

With plenty of wonderful destinations to discover in the UK, from the picturesque beaches that line Cornwall and Devon to the mountainous terrain of North Wales, you won’t be disappointed with staying home this summer.


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